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Introduction to Cloud Functions

Introduction to Cloud Functions

An Introduction talk about Google Cloud Functions done at GDGJohannesburg


Peter-John Welcome

February 07, 2018


  1. Introduction to Cloud Functions Peter-John Welcome @pjapplez

  2. What is Cloud Functions? • Serverless Environment (Backend Code) •

    Microservice • Code as infrastructure
  3. Why Cloud Functions? • Auto Scaling up and down based

    on load • Pay as you go • Authenticated access to Firebase and Google Services (ML/ NLP) • Fully managed system
  4. How does it work? Built on express, which is a

    node web serving framework. • Http endpoints • Handles firebase event.
  5. Cloud Functions Integration • Http Endpoints • Firebase host for

    dynamic serving of content • Crashlytics • Cloud pub/sub • Firebase Auth,Cloud Messaging, Analytics ,Cloud Storage, RT Database , Firestore
  6. Languages

  7. Time Demo

  8. Unit Testing

  9. Running Locally $ firebase serve --only functions, hosting (Https endpoint

    functions) $ firebase experimental: functions : shell --port 11111 ( function triggers- Firebase)
  10. Running on CI/CD

  11. Thanks! Contact me: Twitter : @pjapplez