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State of Firebase in 2020

State of Firebase in 2020

Talk given at GDG Johannesburg Firebase Festival

Peter-John Welcome

November 04, 2020

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  1. Peter-John Welcome GDE Firebase @pjapplez State of Firebase in 2020

    An Overview of what’s new in Firebase in 2020.
  2. Half screen photo slide if text is necessary Who I

    am Freelance Mobile Engineer Google Developer Expert for Firebase
  3. • Accessing databases offline • Can now run end to

    end tests on CI • Easily import and export data • Increase in development productivity • Unit Testing security rules • Testing does not contribute to your quota Benefits of UI Emulator
  4. Interacting with UI Emulator Firestore private fun setUpFirebaseEmulators() { val

    host = "" // Android Emulator localhost Firebase.firestore.useEmulator(host, 8080) Firebase.firestore.firestoreSettings = FirebaseFirestoreSettings.Builder() .setPersistenceEnabled(false) .build() }
  5. • Preview Channels - allows you to see your changes

    before deploying them to production • Github Action - to deploy your action to prod or preview. • Cloud Logging - better monitoring of your website • Much more. Firebase Hosting
  6. Firebase Performance Performance dashboard has been redesigned to be more

    customizable and show the metrics that matter to you.
  7. • Stream your data into BigQuery in near real-time •

    Allowing you to schedule cloud function on BigQuery data for reporting/ investigating crashes on specific filters. • Visualization of your data with custom queries. Firebase Crashlytics
  8. • Prepackaged Solutions to common problems • All extensions are

    open sourced and you can create your own • Detect Online Presence • Stripe - Subscription payments Firebase Extensions
  9. Honorable Mentions There's more • MLKit is now a standalone

    product and not part of Firebase • Fastlane Action for deploying your apps to App Distribution • Crashes from the fabric SDK will not be processed after 15 Nov. • Firebase C++ and Flutter codelabs are available • Cloud Firestore now supports != queries
  10. Resources • https://firebase.google.com/docs/ • https://github.com/pjwelcome/JetExample (Emulator Android Sample) • https://github.com/pjwelcome/GDGCloudVision

    (Emulator iOS Sample) • https://github.com/firebase • https://www.youtube.com/user/Firebase • https://firebase.google.com/learn/codelabs/firebase-get-to-know-flutter • https://firebaseonair.withgoogle.com/events/firebase-live20 • https://firebase.google.com/summit/on-demand