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State of Firebase in 2020

State of Firebase in 2020

Talk given at GDG Johannesburg Firebase Festival

Peter-John Welcome

November 04, 2020

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  1. Peter-John Welcome GDE Firebase @pjapplez State of Firebase in 2020

    An Overview of what’s new in Firebase in 2020.
  2. Half screen photo slide if text is necessary Who I

    am Freelance Mobile Engineer Google Developer Expert for Firebase
  3. Firebase

  4. Firebase in 2012

  5. Firebase in 2020

  6. Firebase’s Mission “Help Developers succeed by making it easy to

    build and operate apps.”
  7. Firebase UI Emulator Suite

  8. Firebase UI Emulator

  9. • Accessing databases offline • Can now run end to

    end tests on CI • Easily import and export data • Increase in development productivity • Unit Testing security rules • Testing does not contribute to your quota Benefits of UI Emulator
  10. Interacting with UI Emulator Dependencies implementation platform('com.google.firebase:firebase-bom:25.11.0') implementation 'com.google.firebase:firebase-firestore-ktx' implementation

  11. Interacting with UI Emulator Firestore private fun setUpFirebaseEmulators() { val

    host = "" // Android Emulator localhost Firebase.firestore.useEmulator(host, 8080) Firebase.firestore.firestoreSettings = FirebaseFirestoreSettings.Builder() .setPersistenceEnabled(false) .build() }
  12. Firebase Hosting

  13. • Preview Channels - allows you to see your changes

    before deploying them to production • Github Action - to deploy your action to prod or preview. • Cloud Logging - better monitoring of your website • Much more. Firebase Hosting
  14. Firebase Performance

  15. Firebase Performance Performance dashboard has been redesigned to be more

    customizable and show the metrics that matter to you.
  16. Firebase Crashlytics

  17. • Stream your data into BigQuery in near real-time •

    Allowing you to schedule cloud function on BigQuery data for reporting/ investigating crashes on specific filters. • Visualization of your data with custom queries. Firebase Crashlytics
  18. Firebase Extensions

  19. • Prepackaged Solutions to common problems • All extensions are

    open sourced and you can create your own • Detect Online Presence • Stripe - Subscription payments Firebase Extensions
  20. Honorable Mentions There's more • MLKit is now a standalone

    product and not part of Firebase • Fastlane Action for deploying your apps to App Distribution • Crashes from the fabric SDK will not be processed after 15 Nov. • Firebase C++ and Flutter codelabs are available • Cloud Firestore now supports != queries
  21. Resources • https://firebase.google.com/docs/ • https://github.com/pjwelcome/JetExample (Emulator Android Sample) • https://github.com/pjwelcome/GDGCloudVision

    (Emulator iOS Sample) • https://github.com/firebase • https://www.youtube.com/user/Firebase • https://firebase.google.com/learn/codelabs/firebase-get-to-know-flutter • https://firebaseonair.withgoogle.com/events/firebase-live20 • https://firebase.google.com/summit/on-demand
  22. Peter-John Welcome GDE Firebase @pjapplez Thank You!