Prestige Avalon Park


Prestige Avalon Park is a private condo group with more than 6000 condos in the vicinity. This proposed project is the most anticipated venture by numerous financial backers.

The force of Sarjapur Road in the land business is developing quickly nowadays. This is because of the various IT organizations, monsters, and IT parks present in the territory. These prelaunch extravagance pads will make a stupendous milestone to the region. Every unit is planned successfully to have great ventilation, regular light, and unbending wellbeing.

Prestige Avalon Park after dispatch will grandstand the model loft for different kinds. These pads will give a reasonable thought of the moving space. Furthermore, the purchasers can settle on the size that would suit them. By and large, the Prestige Group orchestrates 2, 3 BHK units for this showcase. These rates are charged after the ownership of the property. These are charges for the usage and upkeep of the normal regions. These are paid on month to month premise. Upkeep charges are shared by every one of the units on the property. These charges depend on the size of the property we live in. The bigger the units the greater the charges.

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