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Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code

Presentation held by the Punchgirls at a local Ruby meetup in Buenos Aires presenting their Rails Girls Summer of Code project.



August 28, 2013


  1. Rails Girls Summer of Code Cecilia Rivero Mayn Ektvedt Kjær

  2. Rails Girls

  3. How we met

  4. Why Punchgirls?

  5. Teachers Michel Martens @soveran Mentor/Coach Damián Janowski @djanowski Coach Leandro

    López @inkel Coach
  6. Our project

  7. Why this project?

  8. How it works…

  9. Tools Ohm cuba.is redis.io ohm.keyvalue.org cuba -v 3.1.0 cuba-contrib -v

    3.1.0 cutest –v 1.2.1 dep –v 1.0.6 gs –v 0.1.4 malone -v 1.0.4 mote -v 1.1.2 nobi -v 0.0.1 ohm -v 1.3.2 ohm-contrib -v 1.2 rack-protection -v 1.5.0 rack-test -v 0.6.2 requests -v 0.0.6 shield -v 2.0.0 shotgun –v 0.9 .gems
  10. None
  11. Thank you! punchgirls.wordpress.com github.com/punchgirls