Android: The Land that Python Forgot? (Christopher Neugebauer)

Android: The Land that Python Forgot? (Christopher Neugebauer)

Presented at PyCon Canada, 10 August 2013

We all know that Python is the best language there is, right? Well, we Pythonistas might know that, but the world of Mobile development has passed Python by. Apple's iOS platform and Google's Android platform have chosen Objective-C and Java respectively as their preferred languages. Alternative toolkits exist, some of them even based on Python, but the pursuit of the perfect native experience has left the best apps developers using the official languages for their chosen platform.

This talk draws on my experience as a Python native who has found himself developing exclusively for Android. We'll look at the current state of Android development -- how it works in general, and those areas where Python is already a viable option. We'll finish off by finding low-hanging fruit in the quest for making Python a first-class language for building Android apps.


PyCon Canada

August 10, 2013