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You won't know it's now Rust

You won't know it's now Rust

Running Rust in Production #1 https://d-cube.connpass.com/event/90317/ の発表です。



Masaki Hara

July 03, 2018

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  1. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. You won’t know it’s now Rust How

    I introduce the new language 03.Jul.2018 - Masaki Hara
  2. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Masaki Hara • Software Engineer @ Wantedly

    • Reads & writes Rust compiler as a Hobby Who am I
  3. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Problem to consider before introducing Rust

  4. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. ͳͥ3VTUΛ࢖͏ͷ͔   ROJHIZ͸ͳͥ࢖͏ͷ͔  w ͔ͤͬ͘ৄ͘͠ͳͬͨ

    w ࢖Θͳ͚Ε͹ಷͬͯ͠·͏  8BOUFEMZͰͳͥ࢖͏ͷ͔  w ҙຯͷ͋Δ࢖͍ํΛ͍ͨ͠ Why use Rust?
  5. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. ϚΠΫϩαʔϏεͷ੗Έ෼͚͕Ͱ͖͍ͯΔ Microservices in Wantedly جຊతͳબ୒ࢶ ػցֶशܥαʔόʔ ϋΠύϑΥʔϚϯε

  6. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. ϚΠΫϩαʔϏεͷ੗Έ෼͚͕Ͱ͖͍ͯΔ Microservices

  7. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Solution How I introduce Rust

  8. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. SFpOFJNBHFαʔϏε Refine refine-image

  9. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Refine refine-image SFpOFJNBHFΛ3VTUʹҠ২ w $308ˠ"DUJY8FC w BXTTELDQQˠSVTPUP

    w 8FC1ˠόΠϯσΟϯάΛࣗ࡞ w 0QFO$7ˠඞཁͳॲཧΛࣗ࡞
  10. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Refine refine-image ͦΕ͔Βɺख౔࢈Λͻͱͭ w )POFZCBEHFS΢ΥϯςουϦʔͰ࢖͍ͬͯΔΤϥʔτϥοΧʔ w 3VTUΫϥΠΞϯτΛࣗ࡞

  11. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. SFpOFJNBHFΛஔ͖׵͑Δ͜ͱʹͨ͠ཧ༝  3VTUʹஔ͖׵͑Δར఺͕͋Δ  3VTUʹͯ͠ଛ͠ͳ͍  ୀ࿏͕͋Δ

    Why refine-image?
  12. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. ଟ෼໌೔ೖΔ ࡾ೔લͱ͸ͳΜͩͬͨͷ͔

  13. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Future Landscape with Rust

  14. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Things after refine-image w $ αʔϏεΛ3VTUʹͨ͠ɻ

    w 3VTUΛ࢖͑ΔਓΛ૿΍͢ɻ