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National Pupil Data Hack Day

National Pupil Data Hack Day

Some stuff I learnt from the National Pupil Data Hack Day - details here:

Paul Rissen

July 08, 2012

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  1. National Pupil Data Hack
    Lessons Learned...

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  2. What’s in the data?
    Key Stage 2
    English & Maths (combined)
    English, Maths & Science (combined)
    Schools Information
    KS4 and KS5 too - each has info from lower stages.

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  3. For a Pupil at Key Stage 2
    • Total National Curriculum Points Score
    • Average NC Points Score (fine grading)
    • Which School were they at?
    • Which Local Authority does the School belong to?
    • Were their results witheld by the school?

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  4. For a Pupil studying English at KS2
    • Were they absent/unable to access the test?
    • What was their score?
    • What National Curriculum Level was achieved?
    • How much progress did they make from KS1 to KS2?
    • What Level did they achieve in Writing?
    • What Level did they achieve in Reading?
    • Were they included in the ‘Eligible Pupil Number’?

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  5. Schools Information
    • Name
    • Local Authority
    • Address (including County & Postcode)
    • School ID
    • Establishment ID & Establishment Type
    • Edubase (http://gov.tso.co.uk/education/api) provides
    similar info...

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