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eBPF in Microservices Observability

August 18, 2021

eBPF in Microservices Observability


August 18, 2021

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  1. @rakyll About me • Not a Linux developer. • Working

    on monitoring, observability and performance. • Multi-tenancy and microservices focus.
  2. @rakyll How does eBPF work? process JIT compiler Verifier Sockets

    TCP/IP BPF Maps code (accessible from the user space)
  3. @rakyll Where can eBPF hook into? - Kernel and user

    functions - System calls - Network events - Kernel tracepoints
  4. @rakyll Networking observability is core. Out of the box instrumentation

    is essential. Extensibility in runtime is critical. Decoration and enrichment is needed.
  5. @rakyll Distributed Traces Automatically create request span if a trace

    header is present. GET /users HTTP/1.1 Host: users.service Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate Connection: Keep-Alive Traceparent: 00-4bf92f3577b34da6a3ce929d0e0e4736-00f067aa0ba902b7-01
  6. @rakyll What’s next? - High level language to write probes.

    - Make eBPF agents widely available. - More platforms supporting eBPF. - Reusable eBPF event processing.