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GDG DevFest - HTML5 Game Development

GDG DevFest - HTML5 Game Development

Slide presentation during the ff events:
- 2014 GDG DevFest Baguio held at University of Baguio
- 2013 GDG DevFest Cagayan De Oro held at N Hotel, Cagayan De Oro

Ralph Vincent Regalado

September 22, 2013

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  1. Ralph Vincent Regalado • Co-founder and CEO of Senti •

    Assistant Professor at De La Salle University, Manila • Member of DLSU Net-Centric Computing Laboratory • Teaches Mobile and Web Development, Technopreneurship and Startup Engineering Course
  2. HTML5 Elements Structure Elements Content Elements section hgroup footer article

    aside figure figcaption mark time Media Elements audio video canvas Form Input types Input attributes
  3. HTML5 Canvas My favorite feature of HTML. Allows you to

    manipulate graphics or create them from scratch. Used with together Javascript to create dynamic graphics and animations.
  4. 2d Rendering Context Provides all the necessary methods and functionality

    to draw on. You draw on the 2d rendering context and you access and display it through the canvas.
  5. Let’s draw some objects Note We will be using Jquery

    Javascript Library in all of our examples.
  6. Let’s put some animation! Note We will be using the

    sprites created by Team Excelsior for their game Squishy Tales
  7. So?

  8. What to do after? Rejoice! Port your apps! Use PhoneGap

    or other cross-mobile platforms. READ and LEARN MORE!