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Code, Arguments and Startups

December 09, 2015

Code, Arguments and Startups

Tech Pitch at IVS 2015 CTO Night&Day powered by AWS


December 09, 2015

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  1. Code, Arguments and Startups Tech Pitch at IVS 2015 CTO

    Night&Day powered by AWS Kei Sawada (@remore) VP of Engineering at NIJIBOX Co.,Ltd.
  2. self.introduction do id "remore" name "Kei Sawada" icon from [:Sapporo,

    :Tokyo] job "Software Engineer” works_at end
  3. IUUQSZVMJGFDPNEJBSZ If you were a CTO or VP of Engineering,

    what would be the best thing to encourage good engineering culture?
  4. A few small hacks born in 2015 github.com/remore/gemstat recommends gems

    by corroborative filtering approach github.com/remore/dockerfileview gives you neat cli interface to fetch Dockerfile from DockerHub github.com/remore/bartok is a Heroku-ready repository focused on load test
  5. Usage $ gem install gemstat $ gemstat look_like azure $

    gemstat suggest_for awscli $ go get github.com/remore/dockerfileview $ dockerfileview ubuntu:14.04 # visit github.com/remore/bartok and click “Deploy to Heroku” button in advance $ heroku run bash --app <APP_NAME_YOUVE_CREATED> $ jmeter --version $ siege --version $ httperf --version
  6. “Always be the worst guy in every band you're in.

    - so you can learn. The people around you affect your performance. Choose your crowd wisely.” ― Chad Fowler, The Passionate Programmer IUUQTXXXqJDLSDPNQIPUPTGSBTFSTQFJST