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DockerCon 2015 Quick Recap

July 21, 2015

DockerCon 2015 Quick Recap

A presentation for Docker Ginza Meetup #1


July 21, 2015

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  1. Table Of Contents • Overview • Details: https://dockercon2015.sched.org • “Advanced

    Tech” • “Docker Docker Docker” • Partner Tutorial
  2. Table Of Contents • Quotes from LWN.net • Personal Impression

    - 4 topics to be discussed • Docker Network • Docker Plugins • Docker Plumbing Project • Open Container Project • Appendix
  3. - much bigger affair. x4 attendees compared to last year’s.

    - much more commercial with dozens of partner presentations and proprietary products.
  4. - governs the container format from the rest of the

    Docker project.(And Docker Engine becomes the daemon that manages runC containers) - is only about 5% of the total code
  5. “In the closing session of DockerCon, Michael Crosby, chief maintainer

    of Docker, demonstrated an experimental fork of runC that supports live copying of running containers between machines.”
  6. “Notary is a generic system designed to validate cryptographic signatures

    for any type of content, just by piping the content through it. Notary will be integrated with Docker Hub in order to enforce the verification of origin on images.”
  7. …although GSA(General Services Administration)’s adoption is great, not sure how

    much impact will be made to us, since the goal of the project is different from web startups
  8. Docker Network • Multi-host networking out of the box •

    Built-in micro-segmentation • Standardized service discovery
  9. Docker Plugins • To learn docker experimental features: https://github.com/ docker/docker/blob/master/experimental/README.md

    • To understand docker plugin: https://github.com/docker/ docker/blob/master/experimental/plugins.md • To make docker plugin: https://github.com/docker/docker/ blob/master/experimental/plugin_api.md • An implementation example(Weave Plugin): https:// github.com/weaveworks/docker-plugin
  10. Docker Plumbing Project • Notary is integrated as a Docker

    Toolbox to support this project • Docker,inc is spinning out lots of plumbing which consists 50% of Docker's source code • First example is runC
  11. Open Container Project • is in collaboration with Linux Foundation

    • is a universal intermediary format for OS Containers • supports all hardware architecture and OS • runC is now reference implementation for this
  12. Appendix • There are many resources available on the official

    Docker blog. And Timetable of DockerCon 2015 will be a good index for this. • Timetable: https://dockercon2015.sched.org • Official Docker blog: http://blog.docker.com/category/community/ dockercon-2/ • Creationline,inc. is publishing conference report.(Sorry looks like only Japanese version is available) • http://www.creationline.com/lab/docker/10641 • http://www.creationline.com/lab/docker/10662 • (more contents will be uploaded soon)