Burn: 8-Bit Game Development With Ruby

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September 20, 2014

Burn: 8-Bit Game Development With Ruby

There are countless ways out there that emulate .nes game, but very few that create .nes rom file without hassle. This is the reason why Kei have developed Burn, is_a handy toolkit to make a .nes application from Ruby DSLs. Burn v0.1.3 release is announced on reddit this April, and it spread to every corner of the world.

In this presentation we will explore what Burn is, how it is structured, and what homebrewed .nes application looks like in an NES Emulator. We'll also learn a few practical techniques for making the most from Ruby bindings, Ripper and Ruby DSL.

An introduction at RubyKaigi2014 official website:

Github repository:



September 20, 2014