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Many people suffer from chronic insomnia, which is a mental disorder that prevents them from getting enough sleep, which causes some health complications, such as "depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes."

In the next report, "Consulto" reviews home-based methods for treating chronic insomnia without the need for hypnotics, according to the website "Everyday Health".

Home methods for treating chronic insomnia
1- Exercise
Sanjeev Kawthar, associate professor of pediatric sleep medicine at New York University, says that regular exercise contributes to the treatment of chronic insomnia, as a result of hormonal changes that occur in the body when maintaining it, which helps to feel sleepy.

Kawthar notes that the most appropriate time to exercise is in the afternoon, because exercise increases the body temperature, which drops again after 6 hours of exercise, adding that feeling cold also stimulates the body to want to sleep.

2- Weight loss
Shortness of breath caused by being overweight or obese causes insomnia, due to the difficulty that oxygen reaches the blood, which leads to waking up at night, as well as some health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases.

So you should follow healthy diets and keep exercising, to lose excess weight, which helps get rid of the feeling of insomnia.

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3- Meditation exercises
A study published in the "Explore" magazine in 2011 and conducted on 30 people with insomnia confirmed that meditation exercises are more effective than sleeping pills to get rid of the feeling of insomnia.

Experts in sleep disorders recommend practicing meditation techniques according to a set of guidelines that contribute to getting rid of the feeling of insomnia with ease, including:

Be sure to practice meditation techniques, such as yoga, half an hour before bed.

Sit comfortably while doing meditation exercises to reduce stress.

Focus on your breathing.

4- Sleep schedule
Experts recommend sleep and insomnia disorders, the need to prepare a sleep schedule, taking care to adhere to it throughout the days of the week, even during holidays.

Doctors explain that the average normal for the number of hours of sleep is 8 and a half hours, indicating the need to obtain them during the period before sunrise, in order to regulate the biological clock in the body, which stimulates the brain to secrete the hormone melatonin responsible for drowsiness.

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5- Medical pillow
Most people suffer from chronic insomnia, as a result of sleeping on uncomfortable pillows, so it is recommended to use a medical pillow, designed to support the neck and back, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back, it helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

6- Dim lighting
Dim or dark lighting contributes to getting rid of the feeling of insomnia and going to sleep, and doctors recommend sleeping disorders using eye masks or blinds to block the sunlight, in addition to closing all electronic devices in the room we sleep in, such as television.


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