ERPNext Open Day November 2012

ERPNext Open Day November 2012

Monthly review and moving towards Everyday Release (TM)


Rushabh Mehta

November 30, 2012


  1. @rushabh_mehta demo day november 2012

  2. the problem • lots of feature development • < 10%

  3. how to prioritize? solve the biggest first ?

  4. but • features are dependent • fundamental change requires breakdown

    of entire structure needs fix
  5. and can’t be fixed! shiny new feature

  6. lesson • features built in isolation • cannot be retrofitted

    in a complex software
  7. solution Everyday ReleaseTM Brand NEW!

  8. approved by experts actually, no... Everyday Release TM

  9. philosophy • build something that can be released every day

    • release something every day small fix Everyday Release TM
  10. anatomy of an Everyday ReleaseTM • problem: support ticket needs

    review • merge support ticket replies into “Communication” Day 1
  11. anatomy of an Everyday ReleaseTM • make a reply thread

    widget in Javascript • add “Rich Text” editing in ticket Day 2
  12. anatomy of an Everyday ReleaseTM • extend this to Lead

    and Contact • add Email Signature and Incoming Email Details Day 3
  13. anatomy of an Everyday ReleaseTM • Remove “Profile Settings” page

    and make the Profile form editable. Day 4
  14. shiny new feature the end.