ERPNext 2012 Retrospective

E4c37743b183fe568738a28794d1de84?s=47 Rushabh Mehta
January 02, 2013

ERPNext 2012 Retrospective

Summary of what we did in 2012 and plans going forward.


Rushabh Mehta

January 02, 2013


  1. 2012 retrospective rushabh mehta erpnext J F M A M

    J J A S O N D
  2. The Manual J F M A M J J A

    S O N D Outsource Intern Do-it-yourself Finally Completed on 3rd Attempt Manual Released
  3. Platform Switch J F M A M J J A

    S O N D New Website Module Scrapped old platform and created a new one with annual pricing, 30 day trials and billing fully built on top of ERPNext New Platform New Pricing New Released ERPNext now powered by ERPNext
  4. Sales J F M A M J J A S

    O N D Hired Viral to increase sales Abandoned process with no results after 5 months. Low pricing, complex product, combined with long sales cycle meant that tradition sales will not work for us. (also called the startup graveyard)
  5. Product Development J F M A M J J A

    S O N D MailNext (new app) wnlib (new framework) version 3 every day release Finally realized that erpnext cannot be retrofitted with new features. Moved development to continuous release.
  6. Traction J F M A M J J A S

    O N D includes user sign-ins Almost 3x growth in daily unique visitors. Now averaging almost 600 per day
  7. Community User Forum J F M A M J J

    A S O N D User Forum - Topics Per Month
  8. Community Developer Forum J F M A M J J

    A S O N D User Forum - Topics Per Month
  9. Revenue J F M A M J J A S

    O N D switch to annual plans, got annual payments from existing customers Revenue seems growing, but still not profitable!
  10. Early 2013 J F M A M J J A

    S O N D New Reports Website + Customer / Vendor logins Language Rewrite old code Cost of Goods Sold All long pending updates!
  11. Key Focuses • Quality • Usability • In-line Documentation •

    Open Source • Increase Team Size • More aggressive marketing - organic PR
  12. The Future is Open • Currently estimated adoption is 1:1

    for Open Source (self) and hosted users. • OpenERP has 100 times the traction that ERPNext has and there are not many simple, good quality alternatives. • OpenERP itself is heavy and archaic. • Focus a lot more on Open Source. • Focus on ease of use and adoption.
  13. The Future is Open • Keep revenue focus on hosting.

    • Let smart and savvy users host their own and help them. • Let 3rd party developers make revenue on customization. • Stay lean! • Make some profit!!
  14. Comments & Suggestions Welcome! Thank You!