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Introduction to Docker

August 10, 2019

Introduction to Docker

I started my journey with containers around 18 months ago, and I felt a bit late to the game. By this time the technology & the community were quite mature. I would attend conferences like DDD and most of the Docker/Container sessions were covering intermediate or advanced topics, whereas I was more interested in seeing a ‘Docker 101’ session. My aim for this, is for it to be the session I wish I had been able to see.

This session will be an introduction to Docker & Containers. I will cover the history of containers & the problems they were created to combat. My session will start with a few slides on the theory of how containers function, what they are, and crucially, what they aren’t. Then I’ll move to show docker in action. For the demo portion of the session I will walk through some basic scenarios, covering how to create a Dockerfile to wrap a .NET Core application into a Docker image, then create an container based on that image. I will then show how to combine multiple containers together to create a working system, this will consist of the .NET Core application used in the previous demo, with a SQL Server back-end. I will achieve this by using docker-compose to pull the two together.

This will be an introductory session for people who have heard of Docker, but haven’t had a chance to use it themselves. We will cover the key concepts of Images, Containers, Volumes & Networking, and the demo portion will touch on all of these.


August 10, 2019

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