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Testing for Accessibility, FrenchKit 2022

Testing for Accessibility, FrenchKit 2022

Robin Kanatzar

September 30, 2022

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  1. 4 Real people who use assistive technology* Machine * Assistive

    technology = VoiceOver, Voice Control, Switch Control, and much more
  2. 8 Color contrast Touch targets Overlapping elements Conflicting traits Dynamic

    type Orientation Element labels Element ignoring Element grouping (semantic groups) …and more What we can and can’t test
  3. XCUITest ▪ Uses accessibility tree under the hood ▪ Writing

    UI tests is the easiest way to start testing for accessibility 10 UI Test
  4. A11yUITests ▪ “An extension to XCTestCase that adds tests for

    common accessibility issues that can be run as part of an XCUI Test suite.” 11 Rob Whitaker - mobilea11y.com - @RobRWAPP 11 11 UI Test Github Repo
  5. Tools ▪ A11yUITests ▪ XCUITest ▪ Evinced Mobile Flow Analyzer

    Development QA ▪ Accessibility Inspector ▪ SwiftLint UI Tests (CI / CD)