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H&T - Do you even coffee?

H&T - Do you even coffee?

[Presented internally in Novoda]

We have coffee and coffee machines. Hell, we even have really good coffee around the office, but how to use these facilities to make the most out of them? How to avoid having the coffee maniacs stare at you with dismay while you're brewing your cup?

Join Seb and Jon in this atypical H&T that will teach you DOs and DONTs of coffeemaking and should also help put an end to the whole "eww who left the coffee machine like that" business.


Sebastiano Poggi

January 11, 2016


  1. Jon Reeve Novoda(ish?) DO YOU COFFEE? #doyouevencoffee EVEN Sebastiano Poggi

    Novoda, Android GDE
  2. (Light vs Dark side) ROASTS

  3. “development” timing, temperature (first & second crack) Maillard reaction caramelisation

  4. The roaster has a goal

  5. Filter Roasts • Lighter (shorter roasting time) • Preserve acidity

    • Bring out more complex but delicate flavours • Say no to milk!
  6. Filter Roasts When used for espresso? • Kills more complex

    and delicate flavours • Overly acidic + astringent • Espresso roast more smooth, sweet, mellow
  7. Espresso Roasts • Darker (longer roasting time) • Less acidity

    (since espresso brew exaggerates that) • Bolder, smoother flavour (withstands milk better) • Bring out and find subtleties in the body • More crema due to surface oils
  8. Espresso Roasts When used for filter? • Quite a dull

    coffee, lacking complexity • Trying to compensate by brewing longer 
 just makes bitter black junk
  9. Brewing basics Under Over “Sour” Watery Uninteresting Bitter Astringent Extraction

 Pressure, Temperature, Time
  10. “Development” ESPRESSO

  11. Espresso brewing • Grind & Pressure • Too fine 㱺

    high pressure & surface area • 㱺 over-extraction • Too coarse 㱺 low pressure & surface area • 㱺 under-extraction • Temperature… less of an issue with this machine • Frothy milk? Ask Seb, not me :)
  12. “Development” FILTER (Image: coffeecommon on Flickr)

  13. Filter brewing Many ways to brew filter… • Pour Over:

    V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex) • Immersion: Aeropress (+pressure), Cafetière • Crazy sh*t: Siphon / Vacuum pot • …others I’ve forgotten?
  14. Filter brewing • Grind • Too fine 㱺 slow drain

    & high surface area • 㱺 over-extraction • Too coarse 㱺 fast drain & low surface area • 㱺 under-extraction • Temperature • Too hot 㱺 over-extraction, burning (yuk!) • Too cold 㱺 under-extraction
  15. Creating code coffee • Ask questions • Pair • Leave

    it cleaner than you found it
  16. So, you want to make coffee…

  17. None
  18. RULE #1

  19. RULE #1 Don’t make Neil sad


  21. RULE #2

  22. RULE #2 Seriously, don’t be that guy/gal

  23. And now…

  24. And now… COFFEE TIME!

  25. And now… COFFEE TIME! …YOU WISH

  26. None
  27. Grinder

  28. Grind size knob

  29. Mug heater

  30. None
  31. Single shot filter

  32. Double shot filter

  33. Pressure dial

  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
  37. Grounds tamper

  38. Grinding cradle

  39. Group head

  40. Steam/hot water knob

  41. Steam wand

  42. Steam wand

  43. None
  44. None
  45. None
  46. …oh wait

  47. Water tray

  48. None
  49. Water tank (on back side)

  50. Good read RTFM Seriously, read it http://goo.gl/qVhIeh

  51. Now you can make coffee!

  52. Espresso 1. Grind them beans 2. Tamp them grounds 3.

    Lock & load 4. Brew it!
  53. Protip If the coffee is too long… STAHP IT!

  54. Cappuccino 1. Make an espresso 2. Cold, semi-skimmed milk 3.

    Heat milk to 65-70 C with steam 4. Froth it!

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