How To Win Designers And Influence Developers

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October 04, 2013

How To Win Designers And Influence Developers

A talk given at Arrrrcamp about managing your team with out getting lynched. Hopefully.

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October 04, 2013


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  3. How To Win Designers And Influence Developers @rodreegez Developer MINTDIGITAL

  4. Project Management. @rodreegez Project Manager MINTDIGITAL

  5. Managing a team. @rodreegez Jerk MINTDIGITAL

  6. Managing a team. @rodreegez Developer MINTDIGITAL Without getting lynched.

  7. Please pay attention, there will be a test.

  8. And homework.

  9. Why the hell am I listening to a talk on

    managing stuff?
  10. Computers are easy.

  11. People are hard.

  12. To make great things we have to work together.

  13. And we have to enjoy it.

  14. Happier teams build better products.

  15. I suck at project management.

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  17. People did bad work.

  18. People wouldn’t do what I said.

  19. People weren’t focused.

  20. We missed deadlines.

  21. We shipped bugs.

  22. I hated everyone.

  23. Everyone hated me.

  24. This was all my fault.

  25. I needed to make changes.

  26. How to win friends and influence people

  27. Stop Criticizing.

  28. It’s the natural response.

  29. But it’s the wrong response.

  30. Wastes time.

  31. Isn’t productive.

  32. Nobody backs down.

  33. Starts a fight.

  34. Congratulations. Your team hates you.

  35. Fix the problem.

  36. Figure out what went wrong.

  37. Work together to prevent it happening again.

  38. “Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.

  39. Credit where it’s due.

  40. “Great job!”

  41. “Well done!”

  42. “Thank you.”

  43. :shipit:

  44. But don’t be phoney.

  45. Be cool.

  46. None
  47. Keeping your head.

  48. Circle of influence.

  49. Worry about what you can directly control.

  50. Communicate needs.

  51. Get feedback.

  52. Simple steps. Big difference.

  53. People only stress over what they care about.

  54. Asking questions.

  55. Avoid arguments.

  56. Save face.

  57. Your team are smart. Use them!

  58. Bonus.

  59. In summary...

  60. Don’t criticize.

  61. Give credit.

  62. Ask questions.

  63. But mostly...

  64. Don’t be a jerk!

  65. The test.

  66. Homework.

  67. Give someone credit when you wanted to scream.

  68. Help someone fix something.

  69. Ask someone a question.

  70. Thanks. @rodreegez Developer MINTDIGITAL

  71. Questions? @rodreegez Developer MINTDIGITAL

  72. We’re hiring.