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Ladder Locker

Ladder Locker

Safety Up introduce their brand new product - Ladder Locker.


Safety Up

November 12, 2021


  1. Ladder Locker Brought to you by Safety Up

  2. In July 2011, Safety Up's Dylan Skelhorn fell from 33

    feet onto a wall and lucky to be alive He fell because his employer at the time didn't allow workers to 'foot ladders' as this meant they couldn't perform other work in that time If Dylan's ladder had been secured, it would have stopped him from falling off the edge of the roof and significantly reduced his injuries From this experience, Dylan formed the idea behind the Ladder Locker Ladder Locker - Back Story
  3. The Ladder Locker uses a weight at the bottom of

    the ladder to keep it secure and prevent it from moving The product also allows for any ladder to be safely used on an uneven ground surface and forces the ladder to always be positioned at the correct angle Ladder Locker
  4. Awards Despite the product still being in its infancy, the

    Ladder Locker has already picked up an award from World Health & Safety Asia for New and Innovative Solutions in the Safety Category.
  5. Ladder Locker - Available Soon To find out more about

    the Ladder Locker: Website: YouTube: Twitter: @LadderLocker