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Cooking Club Beat Boards

Cooking Club Beat Boards

A memory of my sixth-grade cooking club.


Sarah Hutchinson

June 18, 2022


  1. None
  2. Dialog In sixth grade my friends and I decided to

    start a cooking club. Every friday, one of us would pick a recipe and we'd go over to that person's house to cook it.
  3. Dialog One time, the recipe was chocolate cake.

  4. Dialog Much to our dismay, as we took the cake

    from the oven, it was a goopy mess.
  5. Dialog So we improvised! We added some milk and sprinkles

    and stirred it all up. It was a goopier mess than before.
  6. Dialog As for how it tasted, there were mixed reactions

    in the group. I'll never forget it - I thought it was delicious!