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Summary of What's new in Google I/O written for SWmobile meetup

Scott Alexander-Bown

June 26, 2018

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  1. What’s new? Scott Alexander-Bown (@scottyab)

  2. Agenda Material 2.0 Flutter JetPack Targeting SDK 28+/Oreo Security stuffs

    in Android P
  3. Material 2.0

  4. Material 2.0 Material Theme Editor Gallery Open Source Design components

    More info https://material.io Build great Material Design products across platforms - https://youtu.be/Ty6VjgVHiko Customize Material Components for your product - https://youtu.be/3VUMl_l-_fI
  5. Gallery

  6. Flutter

  7. Beta 3 now in RC 1 Officially a Material design

    platform Firebase integration Flutter codelabs
  8. JetPack

  9. “A set of libraries, tools and architectural guidance to help

    make it quick and easy to build great apps”
  10. https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/05/use-android-jetpack-to-accelerate-your.html

  11. Security

  12. What’s new in Security? TLS by default Restricted access when

    app in background (camera, mic, sensor manager) Biometric prompt Keyguard bound keys (encrypt anytime, decrypt only when unlocked) Secure Hardware/Element support • StrongBox (new Keystore type) • Protected Confirmation API Look out for my London Droidcon 18
  13. Brace yourselves... change is coming!

  14. Target API 26 (Android 8)

  15. When: August 2018 Who: NEW Apps What: Must Target API

  16. When: November 2018 Who: Updates to Apps What: Must Target

    API 26+
  17. When: November 2018 Who: All Apps What: Must Target API

  18. Targeting SDK 28+/Oreo • Runtime permissions • Implicit Broadcast Receivers

    • Alarm Manager (use WorkManager) • User-added CAs not trusted by default for secure connections • Doze related Background Execution Limits Migrate your existing app to target Android Oreo - https://youtu.be/YyDnYaFtRS0
  19. Questions? Scott Alexander-Bown @scottyab