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What's New from Google I/O 2017

What's New from Google I/O 2017

Created and presented by Dave Jones, Dave Taylor and Scott Alexander-Bown at SWmobile's June meetup.

Scott Alexander-Bown

June 19, 2017

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  1. Android Architecture Components New collection of libraries for building better

    apps Lifecycle Components: Managing Activity & Fragment Lifecycles LiveData & ViewModel Room I/O introductory session: youtu.be/FrteWKKVyzI Blog: goo.gl/SeQHda More Info: d.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture
  2. Google Play Services & Support Libraries Play Services v11 •

    SafetyNetClient • Instant Apps • Nearby • Location • Cast SDK v3 • SmsRetriever What’s new in Android I/O: youtu.be/1N9KveJ-FU8 Play Services Release Notes: goo.gl/3EnW7G Support Library Release Notes goo.gl/ponkHZ Support Library v26 (Beta) • Define fonts in layout XML • Downloadable fonts • Autosizing TextView • Physics-based animations • Emoji Compatibility Library • Google Maven repository
  3. Chromebook Chrome OS support for both Android & Google Play

    Store (still in Beta) Apps need to target at least Nougat (24) & support resizing Beta Emulator coming soon I/O session: youtu.be/v6QH89i4YCI Beta Early Access: goo.gl/Q8ptkZ More Info: d.android.com/topic/arc
  4. KOTLIN WAS BIG Kotlin has Google’s love JetBrains and Google

    to make a Foundation (for independance) Android Studio 3.0 has native support Introduces some questions on best practice Official site https://kotlinlang.org/ Intro to talk https://youtu.be/X1RVYt2QKQE Everything will be fine https://youtu.be/fPzxfeDJDzY
  5. Android things Developer Preview 4(.1) released Google IoT Core web

    service Reference hardware (SoMs) released Provisioning library to come (‘Smart Setup’) Paul Blundell (GDE) coming next time to discuss in detail Official site https://developer.android.com/ things What’s New in IoT https://youtu.be/Or1uzno8d20 Device Production for Everyone https://youtu.be/sjpNek_7z-I
  6. Project tango and daydream Daydream (VR) comes to more devices

    including the S8 Tango gets better and smaller VPS (Visual Positioning Service) cm^3 accuracy in ‘Mall sized’ volumes Coming to Google Lens? What’s new in Tango https://youtu.be/BOrg2oc3-rQ
  7. Mobile Web PWA - Progressive Web Apps AMP - Accelerated

    Mobile Pages Polymer 2.0 The Mobile Web: State of the Union https://youtu.be/_ssDaecATCM Progressive Web AMPs https://youtu.be/xF6mjl-wOqU
  8. Flutter Cross platform mobile development using Dart Customisable, natural look&feel

    for Android and iOS Hot reload Single Codebase, Two Apps with Flutter and Firebase https://youtu.be/w2TcYP8qiRI Prototyping to Production: Bridging the Gap with a Common Tool https://youtu.be/BJCqRpvvTrM
  9. Google Assistant On any device via the Assistant SDK (including

    iOS) Actions for Google Assistant no longer limited to Home Voice powered Mocktail mixer -> Building Apps for the Google Assistant https://youtu.be/Y26vvxCb3zE What's Possible with Cloud Functions for Firebase https://youtu.be/G-MBeEW92v4