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Seborrheic keratosis home treatment hydrogen peroxide


People who have a particularly susceptible skin or chronic skin diseases should therefore pay attention to the choice of detergent. Here, there are now a large number of agents, which are particularly suitable seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back for sensitive skin types. The following applies: The fewer ingredients in the detergent to be found, the better the compatibility is to be estimated.

Nevertheless, other behaviors should also be followed: especially new clothes should be washed thoroughly before the first wear, at least once thoroughly, so that brand-new residues, often of chemical nature, are removed in any case. Also, people who are particularly sensitive to the washing should not hang the clothes outside to dry. Here, plant pollen and other incompatible particles can reach the clothing and then persistently irritate the skin of the affected person.

What ingredients should be avoided?

Surfactants: These ingredients are an additive to natural water to effectively remove impurities. Care must be taken to ensure that no extreme pH values ​​are reached. A good indication is the pH-neutrality of the ingredients. Surfactants are often used, since the laundry becomes softer and easier to iron with these substances.

Perfumes: Chemical perfumes can easily lead to skin incompatibilities. Worse of all, however, are the long-term damage caused by such fragrances. It may happen that the skin cells absorb seborrheic keratosis home treatment hydrogen peroxide the chemical constituents and store them in the long term. Thus, the pollutant can be passed, for example, through the mother's milk. Also natural oils of the essential kind are not easily tolerated by every type of skin!

Bleaching agents: These ingredients should be avoided with detergents. Finally, these are skin-irritating toxins, which are also found in harmful plants on the basis of boric salts. So-called brighteners are not always ideal for skin compatibility.

Metals: This group of pollutants is only one exception. It is only in the case of particularly serious incompatibilities in detergents that the metallic components can cause skin reddening. Actually, however, the proportion of these substances in the detergents is so low that it rarely occurs.

Fabric softener: Especially people suffering from chronic skin diseases Seborrheic dermatitis hair loss grow back such as neurodermatitis should make a bow around normal fabric softeners. The often highly chemical fabric softener remains in the fine fibers of the laundry and can so easily irritate the skin of susceptible patients.

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