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Seborrheic dermatitis scalp treatment


Extra-sensitive or Bio-Detergent: There are very few chemical additives in the detergent. Thus, the probability of intolerance is significantly lower. Not infrequently, these detergents contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis and colored hair. Detergents without special additives: Owing to the omission of perfumes and dyes, a lighter compatibility can be achieved. Brighteners, preservatives and fabric softeners should also be avoided if possible. This is especially true for neurodermatitis and people with chronic skin diseases or particularly sensitive skin. Likewise, individual enzymes can have a deleterious effect.

Low detergent dosages: Detergent residues in the clothing can be well pre-determined by a low dosage of each detergent. Thus, allergic or inflammatory reactions of the skin can be more easily excluded. Detergents with softener: If this ingredient is used, it can be safely accessed. The softener prevents only limescale deposits in the clothing, but does not have a damaging effect on the human skin.

Washes: So-called washings are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Here, only a small amount of natural detergent is released. Thus it is suitable even for particularly sensitive patients. Nowadays we offer a wide range of creams for skin care. There are differences in the application, for the skin type and the active ingredients seborrheic dermatitis scalp treatment. But do you ever need a night cream for the improvement of the skin, or are there too many creams harmful to our skin? In our blog contribution this time it is especially about night creams: How do these creams work? Why does it offer advantages? Which ingredients are particularly effective? Here we find answers to these questions!

At night? Skin regeneration!

Many skin regeneration processes occur at night, while the skin is heavily stressed during the day, just like other organs of the human body. Thus, the skin must fight bacterial pathogens seborrheic dermatitis face cure, fungi and viruses daily and daily. In addition, the sun's UV radiation loads the skin's surface. The natural acid protection coat of the skin must also be stabilized again.

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