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Rock 'em Sock 'em Usability: In the Ring with IA testing

E635ddfacae9530fa8afc73e7b3b303d?s=47 Sarah Folkes
February 20, 2016

Rock 'em Sock 'em Usability: In the Ring with IA testing

What fighting robots can teach you about the value of testing your IAs, and how usability testing shines a spotlight on the internal battles that happen within project teams. Knock out the notion of usability testing as a throwaway task, and learn the practical and strategic benefits of testing your information architecture.


Sarah Folkes

February 20, 2016


  1. ROCK’EM SOCK’EM USABILITY In the Ring with IA Testing

  2. Today’s Contenders

  3. In This Corner... Christina Leclerc packs a mean one-two punch

    as Senior Consultant with Systemscope. She is a UX Designer with over 15 years of experience crafting user interfaces and digital journeys. // @cleclerc (Actually a really nice person)
  4. In the opposite corner... Sarah Folkes brings the fancy footwork

    to information architecture and usability testing. She is an intermediate consultant with Systemscope, working as a librarian without a library in the world of government web. // @sfolkes (Rarely looks this angry IRL)
  5. In the ring... Round 1

  6. None
  7. vs.

  8. vs.

  9. vs.

  10. None
  11. Architecture of Words Labels Motion Meaning UNDERSTANDING

  12. “Our expertise with categories and connections will come in handy,

    but we must also dig deep into culture and cognition.” - Peter Morville Sweet spot!
  13. On the ropes... Round 2

  14. Hang up the gloves Let’s Talk!

  15. “Expert Assumptions” - to test later Running out of $

    Running out of Time Cut Testing & Launch Anyway Cycle Of Mediocrity Amaze-balls Work Embarrassingly Crap Work
  16. Testing… Testing... (Gloves back on)

  17. Stages of Usability Testing 1. Foundation 2. Transition 3. Validation

  18. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION I coulda been an accountant

  19. Why Fail? It means your testing is working.

  20. Testing is a process, not an exercise.

  21. Taste of victory Round 3

  22. Outcomes

  23. PRACTICAL OUTCOMES • Reduced costs (support, maintenance) • Save on

    development and redevelopment costs • Data about user behaviour • Competitive advantage • Success metrics (time on task, completion rates) • Improved user satisfaction
  24. STRATEGIC OUTCOMES • Know your users • Defend your work

    • Define next steps/phases • Increased respect for the design process • Resolve and/or dilute internal conflicts • Resolve and/or dilute external conflicts
  25. TKO! Happy User Happy Client Happy Team = Yay for

    Championing the User!
  26. Thanks! Sarah Folkes @sfolkes Christina Leclerc @cleclerc Photo

    credits: Creative Commons Attribution Rock em Sock em - Ryan Larue Boxing glove - Saúl Briceño Lego Evolution - Marcus Böckmann com/photos/mwboeckmann/3275537425/in/photolist-5ZrZac-bsm7Gc Lego Knock-out - Daniel Novta