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Personal Projects run by WordPress

Personal Projects run by WordPress

A talk by Shinichi Nishikawa about small projects he runs with his family and friends. Those are parenting blog platform, WordPress community news media, personal podcasts, multiple WordCamps and meetups in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Ogi island I live with 150 people.


Shinichi Nishikawa

February 17, 2019

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  1. or how they changed my career and life Personal Projects

    run by WordPress Presented by สวัสดี to everyone at Shinichi Nishikawa @shinichiN
  2. Personal Projects? What are they?

  3. Personal Projects WordPress drives us They are something that are

    not work, or not just play. They are Playful. It is run by you, your family, and/or your friends who resonate your playfulness and goal. It can be one time thing or continuous effort to make something new happen. Today, I’m going to share you about my projects, and why projects drive our lives to go forward. @shinichiN
  4. A few projects I have enjoyed.

  5. Shinichi Nishikawa / ੢઒৳Ұ • WordPress enthusiast who lives on

    OGI island, an island of 150 people in western Japan with my wife, 3 children, and two dogs. • I used to live in Bangkok for 3 years with my family. • Originally, I’m from Tokyo. • WordPress Book author, WordPress news editor, podcaster, WordCamp organizer, Meetup organizer, DIYer, • Lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2012 and WordCamp Ogijima 2018. • Director of Client Services, Japan @ Human Made WordPress drives us @shinichiN
  6. None
  7. Capital P Media website that talk about WordPress community related

    news. You get the idea if you call it a Japanese version of WP Tavern or Post Status. Run by Fumiki, Miya, and Shin.
  8. Capital P Podcast

  9. Capital P Slack Team

  10. Colog

  11. Colog - My daughter was growing so fast, I felt

    like I’m losing her every day and wanted to store the photos. - It took me more than 1 year to develop and release. - I had the time to learn how to - Search plugins - How to customize them - How to change the code of them - How to write them myself - Multisite architecture and functions - I had the chance to communicate with community people to learn more about WordPress - All these things led to my ability to run a freelance business.
  12. Life Podcast ੜ

  13. - Me, my wife, our kids, friends on the island

    talk about our lives. - A good way to record your thoughts. Fun to listen to it after years. - Explaining your thought makes you think.
  14. We did the same when we moved to Bangkok 6

    years ago. - Contents were our planning, research report of rent, school, etc., and interviews to the people who run business there. - This helped me getting understood and supported by Japanese people in Bangkok - Podcast gives the listeners more friend-like feeling compared to texts.
  15. WordCamp Ogijima ౡ

  16. None
  17. A WordCamp on the island I live on. 250 attendees.

    Accommodation was the REAL Camping in tents. - Focus on the thought of the those who use WordPress for their business. - Childcare, Barbecue, Camping, Ferry charter, English/ Japanese talks, male/female 50:50, local/non-local 50:50, after-party in the city for those who dislike bugs, nurse, a lot of ice and beverages for heat protection, etc. - The first non-city WordCamp in Japan to encourage smaller WordCamps to happen
  18. Click to see the video. It’s nice and not long.

  19. None
  20. WordCamp Ogijima

  21. Bangkok WordPress Meetup ହ

  22. WP ZoomUP

  23. - A Online version of WordPress meetup. - Twice a

    month. - One has sessions, - Another focuses on communication. - 50 to 100 attendees every time. - Team of 6 members. - After party!
  24. - A Online version of WordPress meetup. - Twice a

    month. - One has sessions, - Another focuses on communication. - 50 to 100 attendees. - Team of 6 members. - After party!
  25. - A Online version of WordPress meetup. - Twice a

    month. - One has sessions, - Another focuses on communication. - 50 to 100 attendees. - Team of 6 members. - After party!
  26. WordCamps, Meetups To name a few, our team covers: Maintenance,

    regular server care and on-going 24/7 monitoring Updates, server, Enterprise Kit and WordPress updates Improvements, constant work on server optimisation Emergencies, unexpected downtime even at the application level We are able to provide round the clock coverage across all the major time zones.
  27. My life before I met WordPress

  28. Apprentice of a billionaire – Age 26, my mentor was

    business consultant who had sold his company. I went to a lot of startup and enterprise companies with him. I lost my job when I was expecting my first child. I didn’t know what I was doing. Account Manager of a creative agency – This is where I heard of WordPress for the first time. I saw a lot of individual, independent, and freedom engineers that could generate money by their own skills. WordPress drives us Secretary of a member Parliament – I ran volunteer team of a Parliament member’s election campaign. My office was in the Parliament. @shinichiN
  29. After WordPress and all Projects

  30. Friends – You can’t do much things alone. You need

    to work on things with others. Once you have done a good project together, you are ready to do the next thing with them. They drive our thoughts, relationship, and life. I didn’t know what I was doing. Title of the Proposal Thoughts – Asking a lot of WHYs. You come up with an idea and you start. But you will be forced to think why you are doing it, for whom, what the value is, etc. Because you invest your time. It’s like “I’m doing really a lot. I need to make sure I’m not waisting my time.“ When you announce it, market it, and try to spread it, you need to write up a nice statements. What it is, why, and how people can join. When you talk to your friends to join, you need to thinkWhy do you want them to join? What do they get from the project? @shinichiN
  31. Questions? Or, tell me what’s your next personal project! WordPress

    drives us @shinichiN