Modern Art of Serverless Architecture, ServerlessDays Istanbul 2019

Modern Art of Serverless Architecture, ServerlessDays Istanbul 2019


Slobodan Stojanović

October 03, 2019


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    @slobodan_ Impressionism today is the subject of widespread acclaim, encompassing

    such famous artists as Monet, Degas and Renoir. But in today’s climate of admiration, it’s easy to forget that this was once a widely derided form of art.
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    @slobodan_ His work was rejected by the art establishment and

    refused a place in the ‘salon’, or exhibition, of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture.
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    @slobodan_ Instead he was allowed a place in the 1868

    Salon des Refusés – or ‘salon of the rejected’ – where his painting Luncheon on the Grass was widely criticised.
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    Slobodan Stojanović CTO @ Cloud Horizon & CTO @ Vacation

    Tracker co-author of Serverless Applications with Node.js book AWS Serverless Hero @slobodan_
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    @slobodan_ There is no precise definition of the term "Modern

    Art": it remains an elastic term, which can accommodate a variety of meanings.
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    @slobodan_ it is traditional to say that "Modern Art" means

    works produced during the approximate period 1870-1970.
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    @slobodan_ There is no precise definition of the term "Serverless":

    it remains an elastic term, which can accommodate a variety of meanings.
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    @slobodan_ it is traditional to say that "Serverless" is a

    cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources.
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    @slobodan_ Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources

    consumed by an application, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity.
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    @slobodan_ • New Types of Art • Use of New

    Materials • Expressive Use of Color • New Techniques
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    @slobodan_ • New Types of Architecture • Use of New

    Tools • Expressive Use of Events • New Techniques
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    @slobodan_ As a result of the Industrial Revolution (c.1760-1860) enormous

    changes in manufacturing, transport, and technology began to affect how people lived, worked, and travelled, throughout Europe and America.
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    @slobodan_ "Widely considered the catalyst for modern art, Impressionism challenged

    the rigid rules and realistic depictions of academic painting."
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    @slobodan_ "Lambda and serverless is one of the worst forms

    of proprietary lock-in we've ever seen in the history of humanity"
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    @slobodan_ "Serverless is awesome (if you overlook inflated costs, dislike

    distributed computing, love vendor lock-in), say boffins"
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    @slobodan_ vendor lock-in cold start servers fraud inflated costs expensive

    cgi-bin slow opaque not new not really “massive scale” hype
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    @slobodan_ "Inspired by the artistic freedom introduced by the Impressionists,

    artists like Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, and Vincent van Gogh began working in distinctive, unconventional styles."
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    @slobodan_ "Shortly before World War I, painters in Germany and

    Austria began to take an experimental approach to their practice. Eventually known as Expressionists, these artists adopted and adapted the unprecedented characteristics of other modern movements."
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    @slobodan_ Well, maybe it could be considered as an anti-pattern

    at the beginning. But then AWS introduced AWS AppSync.
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    @slobodan_ "Oh, and I only hire front-end developers at this

    point. I have been the sole DevOps/backend/middle-tier developer in the last two companies I started, and it’s been fine." Joe Emison @JoeEmison
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    @slobodan_ "With AppSync I could continue to be the CTO,

    do all the backend and middle-tier code, and support up to probably about a hundred front-end developers before I would need a dedicated backend developer." Joe Emison @JoeEmison
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    @slobodan_ "When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the

    aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us." Pablo Picasso
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    @slobodan_ "In the 1920s, visual artists Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst,

    Man Ray, Joan Miró, and Yves Tanguy came together to found Surrealism, a movement rooted in the subconscious."
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    @slobodan_ "Lacking any control exercised by reason, exempt from any

    aesthetic or moral concern, the genre culminated in a diverse collection of dream-like depictions straight from the artists’ imaginations."
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    @slobodan_ "In the middle of the 20th century, an innovative

    group of artists forewent figurative styles of painting for an original, abstract aesthetic. Known as Abstract Expressionists, these painters placed artistic emphasis not only on modernist characteristics like color, composition, and emotion, but on the creative process itself."
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    @slobodan_ Serverless today is not the same as it was

    yesterday. Serverless tomorrow will be even more different.
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    @slobodan_ All the crazy serverless things we do today can

    become normal or even patterns tomorrow!
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    @slobodan_ It's up to us to decide how serverless will

    evolve. Go, experiment, and do some crazy things with serverless.
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    @slobodan_ It's up to us to decide how serverless will

    evolve. Go, experiment, and do some crazy things with serverless. Build some amazing products and have fun!