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Virtual Classroom: Detailed Guide

Cb4eaf26925be2005e691131b881998f?s=47 Sourav
June 01, 2022

Virtual Classroom: Detailed Guide

In this you will understand what a virtual classroom is and the best practices it should incorporate to optimize the learning process.



June 01, 2022

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  1. Virtual Classroom - All You Need to Know

  2. Virtual Classroom - The Introduction Technology has rapidly developed during

    the last decade. Getting virtually connected with the rest of the world has made our lives simpler than ever. Virtual Classroom plays an essential role in allowing education service providers to merge the best attributes of in-classroom education with remote learning. • It is an Online Learning Environment where teachers and students can interact with each other and teach course materials using software • It is a video conferencing tool or software that offers an added set of features that are essential to a learning environment.
  3. How Virtual Classroom Helps Educational Institutions • Teach students by

    using learning materials in the form of documents, slide decks, or multimedia files • Do screen sharing and teach students about certain topics more clearly • Use virtual whiteboards • Use live chats to interact directly with students and solve their queries • Engage students with polls and quizzes • Record live teaching sessions that can be used later for future reference through on-demand videos
  4. How to choose the best Virtual classroom software? Before choosing

    any virtual classroom software, you must look for following features: • On-demand Learning • Live Streaming Classes • Record Live Classes • Educational Webinars, Podcasts & Events • LMS Integrations • Live Chat for Learners • Online Store for Educational Institutions • Teach with Multi-language Subtitles • Stream Monetized Online Classes • Real-time Analytics
  5. Best Practices for Virtual Classroom Set up Simulate a Physical

    Learning Environment • Activities Must Suit The Subject Matter • Use Interactive Tools for Teaching • Ensure Audience Participation • Easy sharing capabilities • Ensure All-Inclusive Environment for Learning
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    One’s Virtual classroom software to engage your students with interactive tools for focused learning that requires no coding or download. ❖ Create and upload course videos as on-demand content and categorize lesson playlist ❖ Livestream your classes on your virtual education platform directly from your camera.
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