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Meetup Paris TypeScript #special 2018

Meetup Paris TypeScript #special 2018

Deno: The death of Node.js?


Sylvain Pontoreau

July 04, 2018


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  2. Premier Field Engineer at Trainer TypeScript fanboy!

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  10.  https://github.com/maxmcd/deno-docker

  11. type => void interface string void string null string void

  12. function send(channel: string, ...ab: ArrayBuffer[]): ArrayBuffer[] | null; function poll():

    ArrayBuffer[]; function print(x: string): void; https://github.com/ry/deno/blob/golang/msg.proto
  13. function main() { // Setup... while (true) { const messages

    = deno.poll(); processMessages(messages); } }
  14. deno.readFileSync(filename: string): ArrayBuffer; deno.writeFileSync(filename: string, data: Uint8Array, perm: number): void;

    setTimeout(cb: TimerCallback, delay: number, ...args: any[]): number; setInterval(cb: TimerCallbac, duration: number, ...args: any[]): number; clearTimeout(timerId: number); clearInterval(timerId: number);
  15. declare var any void any void boolean any void string

    string string Promise
  16. declare var new string string string declare var new string

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