How to Pick a WordPress Theme That Doesn't Suck!

How to Pick a WordPress Theme That Doesn't Suck!

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there. Some are free; some are not. Some are chocked full of bells and whistles while others offer little to no additional features. But how do you know which one is right for you? This talk will answer that question and get you on the right track to finding the right theme for your business or blog and will teach you how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls you can encounter during the theme selection process.


Stacey Lane

June 28, 2014



  2. Web Developer @stacigh Stacey Lane hello! Background Image

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  3. Questions to ask yourself before embarking on your adventure Image

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  4. Image Credit: Splitshire What is the purpose of my site?

  5. What plugins do I need? 2 Image Credit: Gratisography

  6. 4 simple questions for finding the right developer Image Credit:

    Flickr (rmlowe)
  7. Are they active in the WordPress community? 1 Image Credit:

  8. How many themes are they juggling? 2 Image Credit: Flickr

  9. Do they have a dedicated support forum? 3 Image Credit:

    Flickr (cimatti)
  10. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons What is the average support response

    time? 4
  11. 6 questions to ask during the theme selection process Image

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  12. Is the theme well- documented? 1 Image Credit: Flickr (kaushiknarasimhan)

  13. Does the theme work on phones and tablets? 2 Image

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  14. Does the theme work in modern browsers? 3 Image Credit:

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  15. What do others think about the theme? 4 Image Credit:

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  16. When was it last updated? 5 Image Credit: Pixabay

  17. Is the price subscription based? 6 Image Credit: DeviantArt (mvmnl)

  18. It’s a little thing I like to call… How do

    you make a choice between two or more themes that are virtually the same?
  19. The Theme Suck Factor Image Credit: Flickr (ericbegin)

  20. Negative answers are 10 points Neutral answers are 5 points

    Positive answers are 0 points Calculating the Theme Suck Factor The lower the score, the better!
  21. Free Theme Suck Factor Visualizer!

  22. 4 questions to find the right developer: 1. Are they

    active in the WordPress Community? 2. How many themes are in their catalog? 3. Do they have a support forum? 4. What is the average response time on their support tickets? Recap
  23. 6 questions to test the integrity of the theme: 1.

    Is it well-documented? 2. Does it work on mobile devices? 3. Does it work in all major browsers? 4. What do others think of the theme? 5. When was it last updated? 6. Is the price subscription-based? Recap
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