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How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method

How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method

How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method



May 15, 2012


  1. How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method We Analyse

    The 3 Major Carpet Cleaning Methods The scope of this article is to help you decide which cleaning option to pursue in light of the various and abundant carpet cleaning options available in the markets at present. In fact, without being armed with the proper knowledge, it sometimes feels like you are stuck in a maze and unsure how to proceed or where to turn to. We share thoughts with help from Wikipedia and Stain Master Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and are here guide you through the range of options, so let’s go! 1. Steam Carpet Cleaning f it is best results that you are after in terms of cleanliness and removal of stubborn stains, dirt and dust then you will probably want to know more about steam cleaners. Due to the combination of hot water and cleaning solution it is easy to see why steam cleaners have such a high reputation among our list of favourites. On top of this most steam cleaners come equipped with up to 6 rotary brushes which help to repeatedly assault the area and facilitate the cleaning procedure. The elevated water temperature also helps to eradicate many unwanted living organisms, such as fleas and micro-organisms, which contain bacteria. Complemented with heavy duty driers the excess moisture is quickly removed from the carpet, thus preventing the possibility of mould growth. The cons about using steam cleaners include not having access to a heavy duty drier! Without the use of a good drier the average drying time for average-sized carpets is between 2 to 24 hours. Apart from the possibility of mould it is also likely that the carpet will emanate a nasty smell if the wet period lasts for long periods. Steam treatments leave your carpet looking gorgeous but the likelihood of the fabrics wicking will increase with frequent use. So don’t go overboard in your endeavours to renovate your carpets! Give it time to breathe! 2. Dry Carpet Cleaning I
  2. s opposed to steam cleaners you can imagine that dry

    cleaning would imply that no water or liquids are used. This is mainly a correct assumption, although the use of water and chemicals is present in a different format – powder. The main use for dry cleaners is to clean carpets on a regular basis without compromising the quality of the carpet. It’s use will be determined mainly by the state of your carpet. Heavily soiled carpets coupled with a few adamant stains would not be the best scenario for this cleaner. The generic sprinkling system of the powdered substance will enhance an easier and quicker vacuuming, enabling the re-use of the carpet within a reasonably short time. Just bear in mind that you need to let the powder settle deep into the fabrics before finishing it off with a vacuuming. To re-capitulate the pros, it is fast and quick to operate and just needs a couple of minutes to allow to evaporate before vacuuming. Cons would be that the effectiveness against stubborn stains and dirt would be minimal. 3. Environmentally Clean Carpet Cleaning A
  3. ur third and final cleaning method on our list has

    to be the best for our environment and for those of you who are conscious about releasing too many chemicals in our atmosphere, then you will have to consider this option. When combined with a few basic ingredients reserved to the shelves of your very own kitchen, water can play a vital role in serving it’s ultimate purpose of ridding your carpet of whatever should not belong there, living or dead! Consider the power of white vinegar and baking powder together with the air freshening aroma of many herbs and you have a natural concoction ready to take on the germs and grime residing in your very own carpet. All it takes is mixing the ingredients with water and using a spray-bottle to diffuse them onto your carpet. You would then need to allow some time before blotting the affected area and again allowing to dry. This can be repeated as many times as possible, enriched with the knowledge that any amount of the substances being used will not have a negative effect on our atmosphere and is perfectly safe for everyone, including your children and pets. In the case of pros you can all smile knowing that you played your part in saving the Universe from environmental disasters. The cons would almost certainly be the difficulty in removing certain stains and dirt and the work and time involved. This article has been created with help from the following resources: Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia | http://en.wikipedia.org Stain Master | Carpet Cleaning Brisbane http://www.carpetcleaningbrisbaneqld.net.au/ O