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WordPress Development Anywhere - WordCamp 2014 Romania

WordPress Development Anywhere - WordCamp 2014 Romania

Presentation held at the 2014 WordCamp in Timisoara, Romania.


Stefan Cosma

June 12, 2014


  1. Koding

  2. WordPress Development Anywhere

  3. Think about how you’re currently developing using WordPress...

  4. Let’s start from the premise that you have a well

    established workflow. You’re probably using some software and a local server for WordPress developing...
  5. OR maybe your workflow includes pushing code to a remote

  6. Now, imagine that everything you do locally or remotely you

    can do in the cloud!
  7. But first let’s take a look at the big picture!

    How is WordPress influencing the world we’re living in?
  8. WordPress is soon to be used by the entire world.

  9. ~70 million websites powered by WordPress + ~31.685 plugins in

    the WordPress plugin directory = a LOT of developers
  10. WordPress is on a continuous rise… But who are those

    that actually embrace it as a development platform?
  11. There are some that: Use it as a development platform

    for their projects and they help shape the world of tomorrow, And some that don’t understand the concept, so they prefer to live in a world build by others.
  12. How can we help the developers that are building the

    world of tomorrow using WordPress?
  13. WordPress developers need a tool that: Works on any type

    of hardware, That is friendly with beginners and doesn’t require any prior setup, Has communication tools for remote development, And has no additional costs... It NEEDS to be FREE!
  14. We try to help WordPress developers by providing things like:

    A free development environment, that supports every programming language, is built for communication and collaboration And … you only need a BROWSER!
  15. DEMO

  16. Questions?

  17. Thank you! koding.com @koding @stefanbc