Faliing Your Way To Success

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June 13, 2015

Faliing Your Way To Success

Given at PGHTechFest 2015


Do you avoid failure? This session is about how you can use failure to learn faster, build better systems, and enable innovative organizations. Learn about cognitive biases, like regret avoidance, that need to be overcome to move past the stigma of failing. Explore experimenting with failure to supercharge learning. Investigate the skills to reframe failure and enable a mindset and culture suitable for success in a world full of random events. Come succeed at failing!


Failure is not simply something to be avoided, but is critical feedback that we often rush to forget. From this basis of embracing failure as feedback, I then present a series of hypotheses that I'm applying to overcome my natural human bias to avoid failure. This talk borrows heavily from a number of concepts in Thinking Fast and Slow, Antifragile, and other "pop" psychology works. It's a soft talk, but it's going to be most relatable to software developers, as that's where all of my stories and background come from - testing, continuous delivery, and version control are some of the examples I draw on.



June 13, 2015