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Hacking Your Way Through Rehab with Wearable Things

Noble Ackerson
October 20, 2014

Hacking Your Way Through Rehab with Wearable Things

Health, sports and fitness focused wearable computers are soon going be common place within the next several months. Many argue this is already the case. The ubiquitous nature, ease of use, and usefulness of wearable computers today presents a huge opportunity to better the lives of outpatients needing sports, pediatric, cardiac, or other specialty physical therapy. Today, many outpatients seeking therapy receive verbal, written or emailed daily routines to help with recovery. The physician has no quantified way of knowing if their patient is following the recommended guidelines for a full recovery.

In my presentation, I will be demonstrate how wearable computers can be used to solve the problems facing outpatients and physicians. With LynxFit and a wearable computer like Google Glass, therapists or doctors can now prescribe recommended stretches or daily routines for their outpatients. The outpatient then gets coached through the workout or stretch and the resulting quantified data can be shared back with the therapist. At LynxFit, we’re leveraging the sensors on wearable computers to deliver an artificially intelligent, fun, and personal experience to many categories of fitness, including physical therapy.

Noble Ackerson

October 20, 2014


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