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From Strategy to Outcomes

From Strategy to Outcomes

In this talk I expand upon ways to measure the movement of your users’ or segments of users interactions with digital software products, towards our vision, strategic objectives and product goals.

Noble Ackerson

February 11, 2022

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  1. @nobleackerson From Strategy to Outcomes The virtuous cycle of Product

    Strategy through measurable Product Outcomes Noble Ackerson, Director of Product, AI/ML Practice, Ventera Corporation
  2. @nobleackerson • STRATEGY Contents What to look forward to 1

  3. Your product strategy defines how your product achieves its goals

    and how that supports the business. It is visualized through a road map.
  4. 6 Roadmaps bind user behavior to your strategy Your Strategy:

    Outcomes based impacts Your outputs: Behavioral analytics bound to outcomes Vision Product Goal #1 Product Goal #2
  5. @nobleackerson The connective tissue between strategy and outcomes Enabling rapid

    insights by enabling the team to focus on ONE key metric at a time depending on the stage and the current focus of the company.
  6. Pre-processed raw statistics made up of words, characters, and numbers.

    Data is meaningless by itself and hard to sift through. Processed and structured data available to you and given in context in a way that you understand what it means. Occurs when after more and more information comes in and you are able to distill the information into knowledge. INSIGHTS INFORMATION DATA 10
  7. Product Signals ❏ Abandonment rate ❏ Number of successful shares.

    ❏ Social media re-engagement ❏ User feedback/ questions North Star Objective • Reduce the friction of sharing facts about election integrity. Metric ✓ Perceived ease of use/NPS ✓ Time to share i.e. clicks to complete 12 Behavioral Analytics provides insights
  8. 13 Vanity Metric # of page views Movement towards our

    strategic goal What did they do after they interacted Did they miss, meet, or exceed objectives How many of them, where, who? If the metric doesn’t change how you behave, it’s a bad metric.
  9. Set Strategy & Pick a KPI Map back to strategy

    Find a potential improvement? Without data: make a good guess With data: find a commonality Hypothesis Design a test Make changes for production (or UAT environment) Measure the results Does it map to Strategy? Did you move the needle? Pivot or quit Success Analytics process is critical to validating outcomes 14
  10. • Simple to understand, • comparative, • a ratio or

    rate, • compliments user feedback, • ultimately behavior changing. 16 5 Principles to Make an Actionable Metric
  11. “Outcomes mean the direct and indirect end results that occur

    after one has taken action. Outputs refer to what is directly produced by an action…” Agile 2 | The Values and Principles The inputs outputs and outcomes of product strategy ~ Noble (Medium)
  12. @nobleackerson Good metrics change how you behave. If the metric

    doesn’t change how you behave, it’s a bad metric. Track and optimize the One Metric that matters at a time for your product based on your business needs. A football score is easier to understand than golf scores Involve your policy, and security team to set the right guidance and governance in place. Setting strategy, objectives and roadmap for a large, complex applications takes time. Key pillars for measurable product outcomes 19 Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Start early Cross-functional Keep it simple One metric The right metric
  13. “Outputs without user insights will lead you to the same

    outcomes. Always seek insights” The inputs outputs and outcomes of product strategy ~ Noble (medium.com/@nobleackerson)