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Children's show pitch about a vampire who longs to be a clown.


May 24, 2023


  1. A young man’s passion to be a clown conflicts with

    his family’s supernatural vampire background. Synopsis: Blad is a young vampire who still lives with his parents in the castle. They always said he could live at home if he went to school, not expecting it would be clown school. While his parents don’t understand his passion, they still get along pretty well. However it always seems like when there’s not an issue with his strange professor or wacky classmates, there’s some new supernatural event at home making it hard for him to take clowning seriously. [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  2. Blad’s Parents (Count / Countess Serpenti) Blad clearly gets his

    passionate personality from his mom Griselda, who is a bold and outspoken woman. She is loud and verbal about what she believes in, and can fly a bit off the rails if she’s not careful. Griselda is known to be strict, but only because loves Blad dearly. His dad Clive is a bit more reserved than his wife. Blad does not know, but Clive was once a human, bitten by his wife. Once turned, Clive fully embraced vampire culture. Griselda and her husband are both more old-fashioned vampires, which means they still uphold some of the traditions passed down from their ancestors that some think outdated. . Characters Blad (Bladimir Serpenti) Blad has an excited personality and a confident outlook. To him, the world is his oyster and he is ready bring smiles to whoever needs it. While sometimes he can get discouraged, his positive attitude and passion for his dream gives him determination. Blad is always trying to find an entertainment gig around town to save some money and travel to Hollywood. He loves his parents, but he wished they understood his dream. Pt. 2/3 [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  3. Dr. Paddidle Dr. Pinky D. Paddidle is Blad’s professor at

    Clown College. He is a stern man who takes his job very seriously, especially for a clown. He is never seen without his clown makeup, even outside of class. His real identity remains a mystery, but all his students know that in his class comedy is no laughing matter. Characters Helly Helly is Blad’s vampire neighbor and was his best friend growing up. Blad’s parents’ love her because of her traditional vampire roots. Helly is a bit cold without realizing it, but when she opens up she is a sweet and fun person. Even though she is a bit stiff, Helly has a heart of gold. She may get easily upset, but she is an extremely powerful vampire. She is perfectly satisfied in staying with the traditional vampire life her parents raised her in. Rebecca Rebecca is a human student at Clown College with Blad, and is his first human friend. Rebecca, like Blad, is a bit misunderstood by her parents, but dreams to bring happiness to little kids as a clown. Like Helly, she is a bit emotional, but unlike Helly she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Her biggest attribute is her charming smile followed by her Horse ear headband and tail. Oh yeah, she’s a big horse nerd. Pt. 3/3 [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  4. -He may not be a very funny clown, but normally

    in some way or another things tend to work out for him. -Even though Blad is a positive person, he frequently deals with anxiety, timidity and fear. The journey to your goal is a long one, and Blad knows this. –Even when moments where he is down, he still believes in himself on the inside. -We want Blad to reach his goal because ultimately, he is a very kind person who treats people with respect. -His passion to make people happy is authentic. Why BLAD? [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  5. What keep’s Blad’s world fresh is that sometimes the problems

    are mundane as well as supernatural. Difficult assignments at school can be just as much of a hassle as the bicentennial return of his great grampire. Whatever is happening in Blad’s life at the moment, he tries to make the best of it and keep everyone laughing. The World Even with the existence of vampires, the world is not scary or dark. Other monsters and magical entities can live among humans and hold mundane jobs, keeping the world silly. Key locations include clown school and Blad’s transylvanian castle home. The show takes place in small town Pennsylvania. Blad explains the rules to the human game “Monopoly”. [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  6. Why Nick? Tone: Warm, like around a campfire. Colorful. Cheeky.

    Vibrant Themes: Family, Self Identity, Mystery The way Blad and those around him react to the strange events that occur is the driver of the comedy. His friends and family all have different ways of handling situations, but they always face them together. Why this story? Everyone feels like Blad sometimes - I feel like him because I am chasing a dream that's sometimes feels impossible. Blad is a different show because it’s a bizarre and a little spooky, but it doesn't make you feel good after watch it instead of scared. Blad and Rebecca explore a mystery in the basement of the school. [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  7. Why Nick? contd. -Blad is a Nickelodeon show because his

    story isn’t just about him being a vampire or a clown. Those are parts of him, but not his whole. Sometimes these are played out for comedic effect, or can be a helpful in getting out of a jam, but Blad is not defined by these traits. -Blad is trying to become a clown, but he understands that there is also joy in the journey. Not every problem he encounters is keeping him from being a clown. As a young writer / artist I think it’s important not to forget to live life as you work toward your career. -Blad is also a show that depicts a positive family dynamic and not a fabricated one. The show is about Blad, but his parents are also colorful characters that children and adults can relate to. [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  8. Random Facts about Blad: • Will only eat bread if

    its toasted • Enjoys puzzles and sudoku • Prefers dogs to cats • Pepsi over coke • Fall is his favorite season • Likes sweater weather and candles • Likes the rain • Prefers company to alone time • Enjoys 80’s pop and 90’s R & B -Blad has a different perspective from his vampire family that can sometimes help them get out trouble. -Blad is imaginative, but still reacts with logic. He thinks of solutions to problems, even if they are often silly. Get to know Blad [email protected] sunnyrae.art
  9. Springboards Birthday Party Blad spends the day at a creepy

    8 year olds’ birthday party pretending to be a human pretending to be a vampire. He scares everyone except the birthday girl who wanted to be scared, and he has to call his mom to finish the job. Solicitors When Blad is out one night, Solicitors are accidentally invited into the house and the parents must deal with a vampire’s one true enemy: a bad salesman. Luckily Blad comes home just in time to prevent a timeshare deal. Rats Blad and Rebecca come to Blad’s house to find his mom fighting off a hoard of demon rats. The trio must venture into the catacombs of the castle to rescue Blad’s father where he has become the new “Rat King”. Camp Vampire To get in touch with his roots, Blad sends himself to a “Vampire Camp”. Once he gets there he’s surprised to see himself surrounded by vampire-obsessed human children. By the end of the week, he shows the kids what a real vampire looks like, and leaves with a new understanding of where he comes from.
  10. Springboards Other episodes: Bus Heist- Blad accidentally assists his classmate

    in stealing a bus. Beach Episode- A day spent not at the beach but recovering from beach sunburns. Labyrinth- Blad and his parents enter an escape room game that is actually a trap for monsters. Arc- The end of the season reveals the founder of the clown college, Bingo, left a mysterious treasure hunt beneath the school. Blad, Rebecca and Helly follow its clues to find Bingo’s true will. It reads that he went into hiding after being bit by a vampire, and leaves the school to his grandson, Pinky Paddidle. The season ends with the reveal to the audience of Paddidle’s vampire heritage. Next season reveals that Pinky is not the grandson of Bingo, but he actually is Bingo. His mysterious facade, normally played off as a gag has always been to hide the fact that he is really a vampire, and is searching for the vampire that turned him, seeking revenge. contd. [email protected] sunnyrae.art