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MVVM + Coordinators + RxSwift

October 23, 2016

MVVM + Coordinators + RxSwift

Slides from my talk at Mobilization'16.


October 23, 2016

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  1. MVVM + Coordinators + RxSwift = sunshinejr thesunshinejr

  2. MVC View Model Update Update User Interactions Notify Controller 2

  3. MVVM View Model Data 
 bindings Data 
 processing 3

  4. Coordinators App Coordinator Register Account Coordinator Login Coordinator Forgot Password

    Coordinator registerButton Clicked() loginButton
 Clicked() forgotPassword ButtonClicked() 4
  5. RxSwift 5 ReactiveCocoa ReactiveSwift Bond Interstellar

  6. Observer pattern is 

  7. Demo

  8. Thanks! Questions? sunshinejr thesunshinejr https://github.com/sunshinejr/Kittygram Code from slides at: Soroush

    Khanlou’s talk on Coordinators @NSSpain’15: https://vimeo.com/144116310 Flexible usage of Moya & Stubbing responses: https://github.com/sunshinejr/FlexibleMoya Esteban Torres’ talk about MVVM + RxSwift + DataControllers @iOScon’16: https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/7863-mvvm-rxswift-and-datacontrollers