Swift India Conf 2019: Make our Swift better

Swift India Conf 2019: Make our Swift better

Speaker: Daiki Matsudate, iOS Developer, GDE for Firebase

Twitter: https://twitter.com/d_date/

Bio: Daiki works at FOLIO where he's an iOS developer. Additionally, He is a Google Developers Experts for Firebase and contributes regularly to Open Source projects like Swift lang, Open API Generator and so on. When not coding, He enjoys going Onsen ♨️, traveling in Japan or overseas and seeing friends.

Abstract: Have you ever contributed to Swift? Swift is open-source language and everyone can make proposals and pull requests. However, the process is a little strict and difficult way for a beginner. In this talk, I'd like to talk about how to contribute to Swift with my experience of contributing, Dictionary.compactMapValues introduced in Swift 5.


Swift India

July 28, 2019