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Sign In with Apple

Sign In with Apple

Presented at Swift Mumbai Meetup @ Servify

Presentation Video: https://youtu.be/nBezhQ24DiY

Sign-In with Apple is a new feature in iOS 13 which allows for faster registration and authentication in your app. While Apple repeatedly states that Sign-In with Apple is straightforward to implement, there exist a few quirks to manage. In this talk, will be discussing how to integrate them feature in your existing app using UIKit along with guidelines defined by .

Speaker: Shubham Gupta, iOS Developer @ Tickled Media
Currently learning & focusing on improving my skills regarding iOS development, In free time I love to explore new food & new skills regarding Product improvements & Scalability.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubham-gupta-a55359102/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shubham14896


Swift India

February 29, 2020


  1. Shubham Gupta iOS Dev @Tickled Media

  2. About the Speaker • iOS Developer • B-Tech - CSE

    • 3 years in programming • High school education, too • Outside Interests: [none]
  3. About - Tickled Media • Tickled Media is headquartered out

    of Singapore and runs the largest parenting website namely theasisanparent.com across south east Asia. We reach to 30 Mn parents on an average monthly basis across SEA which makes us the No. 1 parenting site. • We run the site of 12 countries and to name a few of our flagship countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Srilanka, Vietnam and the Philippines. • In India we have the entire tech team which supports our app and site across the globe. • We are a bunch of young and dynamic techies who are always trying new things and are looking for enthusiastic and go getters to join our team.
  4. • Overview • Integrating with your app • Demo •

    Best practices Agenda
  5. • Seamless across devices • Streamlined account setup

  6. Verified email addresses

  7. • Linked to verified email • Two-way relay • Any

    email communication • Apple does not retain messages Hide My Email
  8. • Built-in security • Anti-fraud ◦ Privacy Friendly ◦ On

    Device Intelligence ◦ Account Information ◦ Abstracted to single bit
  9. Cross-platform

  10. Integrating with Your App

  11. Add Button

  12. Handle Button Tap Event

  13. Implement Delegation

  14. • Response User ID ◦ Unique, stable, team-scoped user ID

    • Verification data ◦ Identity token, code • Account Information ◦ Name, verified email • Real user indicator ◦ High confidence indicator that likely real user Response
  15. Demo

  16. Things to Remember • Check for existing Users (Login), Apple

    Developer Paid Account • Use Apple Button API • Prioritize Apple Sign-in • Only collect data that is required • Apple only provides data once (email, name)
  17. Resources / Who to STALK • WWDC - 2019 Introducing

    Sign In with apple https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/706/ • Signing with apple - SG Conf 2020 Talk • Scott Grosch - Raywenderlich editor
  18. Discussions

  19. Thanks • Twitter - shubham14896

  20. At Tickled Media • Parents raise happy, healthy and confident

    kids through trusted content and a supportive, non judgemental community. • Hiring for multiple positions (Backend, Android, iOS).