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Ian Watt: Aberdeen's Code for Europe

April 29, 2015

Ian Watt: Aberdeen's Code for Europe


April 29, 2015

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  1. Learning  from  Code  For  Europe   2014-­‐15:     Aberdeen’s

     experiences  in  building  a   local  Open  Data  eco-­‐system    
  2. What  is  the  Code  For  Europe  programme?   •  Launched

     2013  with   specific  aims   •  We  joined  2014.   •  One  of  four  ScoMsh   local  authoriNes   •  Backed  by  Nesta  in   Scotland.   •  Networked  with   Amsterdam,  Helsinki   and  others.  
  3. Prepare   • Appoint  Developer   • Start  Internal  conversaNons   Agree

      target   areas   • Transport   • Sport     • CommuniNes.   Infrastructure   • InvesNgate    standards   • Build  the  systems   • Data  Stores   • HosNng  plaYorms   Data   • IdenNfy  sources   • NegoNate  release   • Quality  Assure   • Publish   Develop   Apps   • Design   • Prototype   • Test   • Release   Our  intended  approach  
  4. Our  first  big  challenge            

                   Photo  by  Tejvan  PeMnger    
  5. What  we  learned  for  ourselves  (and   from  others).  

    •  OrganisaNonal  champion   •  Dedicated  project  manager   •  A  technical  resource   •  How  your  apps  will  be  supported  in  the   future?   •  How  to  build  the  local  ecosystem   •  Involve  all  groups  in  service  design    
  6. ….and  some  more.   •  Four  code  fellows  worked  

    well  together  with  a  shared   designer.   •  Open  Data-­‐based  apps  for   social  innovaNon  are  no   longer  niche.   •  Models  such  as  the   Helsinki  Region  Infoshare   show  what  can  be  done  at  a   regional  level.   •  Full  Report:   h]p://www.nesta.org.uk/ project/open-­‐data-­‐scotland    
  7. What  next  for  Aberdeen,  and  Scotland   more  broadly?  

    •  Scot  Govt  Open  Data   Strategy   •  Our  Local  OD  eco-­‐ system  growing   •  ScoMsh  7-­‐CiNes  Digital   Alliance  will  use  ERDF   funding  for  Smart   CiNes  /  Open  Data   programme.