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Why Shenzhen is Amazing in Maker Movement [English]

TAKASU Masakazu
November 13, 2017

Why Shenzhen is Amazing in Maker Movement [English]

TAKASU Masakazu

November 13, 2017

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  1. Why Shenzhen is Amazing in Maker Movement? TAKASU Masakazu /

    @tks / Maker Faire Shenzhen Chapter:1 New way of innovation born in the 21st century. Chapter:2 Shenzhen is a cradle of hardware innovation. Chapter:3 How to use and enjoy the Ecosystem in Shenzhen.
  2. 我叫高須,My name is TAKASU, MakerFaire Singapore/Shenzhen organizer Over 40 MakerFaire

    participated 我是亚洲创客盛会中最有经验的人物。
  3. More Detail in the book 「メイカーズのエコシステム」 2016年発刊 世界で最初の深圳のイノベーション環境解説本 Andrew Bunnie

    Huang(MIT深圳担当, HAXメンター) いのうち いくお(RICOH つくるーむ) 江渡浩一郎(ニコニコ学会β) 小笠原治(DMM.Make Akibaプロデューサ) きゅんくん(ロボティクスファッションクリエイ ター) 藤岡淳一(JENESIS 代表 深圳でのEMS企業) 山形浩生(翻訳家・評論家) (Sorry,only in Japanese)
  4. 2000~ Open source movement 2005~ Cloud computing Huge scale web

    service development democratized! Planning first, Financing first, Prototype first, Public release first, ….Making first!
  5. New style of innovation, also new style funding. Two legendary

    engineer made that acceleration system Y Combinator (2005~) Y Combinator is the engineer investor fund to engineer entrepreneur, only for the prototype, not a Powerpoint.
  6. 2000~ Open source movement 2005~ Cloud computing 2012~ Maker Movement?

    How democratize makes own hardware product by MAKERS?
  7. Prototype, Produce, Promotion…. -Cheaper, Easier, Faster Dreamer Kit, Web tutorial

    Prototype Maker Arduino, Digital Fablicaion Veteran Maker Online PCB, Online CNC Hardware Startup Crowdfunding, Mass Production Online promotion, Supply chain -Seeedstudio
  8. Maker: New category of Inventors Traditional Inventors Maker Idea/R&D/ Prototype

    University’s Lab Big company’s Lab Community Lab/MakerSpace Internet Produce By the company, By the businessman or professional. By the Community, By the hobbyist. Promotion Advertise company Professsional Salesman Croud Funding, By the Community, By the hobbyist. Revolution: Before and After
  9. Difference between traditional based Product and Community based one Traditional

    Inventors Maker team Big, Organized, Democratic Small, Quick, Agile Focus Numerical, Functional, Feeling, Sense Customer Boss, or Consumer Ourselves Typical Product Component (CCD, Microchip,,,) Functional Product Gadget, Makers prototyping tool
  10. Software Service Development Hardware Product Development Issue Prototype ・Open Source

    tool ・Personal computer ・Open Source Tool ・Digital fabrication tool (3D printer, CNC,) Manufacturing tool and knowledge are difficult to find on the net. Scaling ・Cloud Computing ・EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Service) The small lot number and flexible manufacturing are mostly in Shenzhen. Funding ・Accelerator ・Accelerator Hardware business need huge money for the scaling up. Marketing ・SNS ・Community ・SNS ・Community Hardware businesses need more retail shop for selling. Huge hardware project is still not easy yet, even in manufacturing! Why the MAKER need to go Shenzhen.
  11. Why manufacturing in Shenzhen is fast and flexible? Here is

    the Makers Hollywood Seeed CEO Eric Pan HuaQigngBei 1 week in Shenzhen, 1 month in Silicon Valley HAX partner Ben An uncountable number of the factory in this area. Also diverse of the factory, they can make anything and also making 100 to 10K production. Some factorys have experience about works by English. Chinese style 公开(Gongkai) IP system.
  12. Chinese style 公开(Gongkai) IP system. Andrew Bunnie Huang 「The Hardware

    Hacker」(2017) Western model = Patent separate from the physical things Chinese model = the physical things include the patent If you buy Physical thing in China, you can get also Intellectual Property. Example: Public mother board (公板, GongBan) You can buy a motherboard of Smartphone, Camera, drone and tablet from 1pcs to 10,000pcs. You can get BOM (Bill of Material) when you get motherboard. Original motherboard is expensive, copy is cheaper. You can easy to make new products from the motherboard. And any IP‘s are easy to share on the market. That model is more effective for innovation.
  13. Case one: Robin Wu, from Shenzhen He called Shanzhai King

    山寨王 He invented the Intel CPU version of Fake iPad in just 60 days and was called "Shanzhai King". Normally he is not only Shanzhai, he is doing various inventions such as IoT mug and jacket with GPS.
  14. Robin Wu, told us…. Although the new invention leads to

    a margin, Simple Idea can copy within 90 days. How much money can you make in the first 90 days, the first is all. Mass production at once, it is good to sell it.
  15. Chen Rex told to us…. COPY STARY STARY is $899

    product. Spend money for quality, that mean looks like just skateboard. Fake E-Skateboards are $150-250. They want to make Cheep E-Skateboard, Not our competitor. Price for high-end product such as DJI, we can Survive. Price is high but quality is same as cheaper one such as GoPro, we can’t Survive.