Are you looking for the most recent collection of Leather Shoes from India with the most comfortable insoles and extremely soft liner, all of which are made from leather. Every detail of a genuine leather shoe designed to enhance the look of the the wearer.

The leather Brogue Shoes is painted with the help of a skilled and experienced artists that use precise work to paint in a way that appears very natural in the color that of leather.

The most popular style of footwear of males is this striking pair of monk strap shoes. Monk shoes have been around for centuries, and has fought to regain its place. The uniqueness of design has been introduced into monk shoes , making them among the most popular shoes that you can buy. Modern monks have evolved with a sleek and comfortable design and are available in a variety of shades, monks are now a part of the wardrobe of the modern man. The Tan and Taw collection online includes a range of shades and patterns which you can purchase.


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