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Study shows people STILL read newspapers

Study shows people STILL read newspapers


  1. Texas Christian University | TCU Schieffer School of Journalism

    Once Again in 2014

    ... We’re Still the One In Communities Across America

    Newspapers - Both In Print and Online!

    Blog Post by Chuck Nau - March 2014
    Once AGAIN, both a National Newspaper Association (NNA) study and a Newspaper
    Association of America (NAA) study recently released reinforce the continued strength
    and vitality of newspapers and newspaper web sites, whether community, weekly, or daily.
    In the newly released NNA study (conducted in September and November 2013), two - thirds of
    community residents in small towns and cities read their local newspaper at least once and up to
    seven times a week! Almost five out of ten (47%) residents indicated that their community’s
    newspaper and newspaper web site were their preferred or primary source of information. 78%
    of adults are quite attached to following local news and information, and local newspapers are
    by far the source they rely on for much of the local information they need, again, reinforcing
    the perceived value and strengths of local newspapers as a community asset.
    Throughout their community, local newspapers are shared and passed along with a average pass
    along rate of 2.48 ... UP from previous years studies. Likewise, 54% of readers have clipped a
    newspaper story or shared a link with someone else in their community. 49% of a community’s
    online users would choose their newspaper’s website as their favored source of information for
    LOCAL NEWS, almost twice as many as the next identified local media source!
    Complementing the NNA findings, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) found that
    56% of Millennials, those young adults age 18 to 34, still want newspaper media content in a
    typical week, in print or online! Whether it’s through the traditional print format, online via
    digital newspaper content or via a mobile device, millennials seek out and get their news,
    information and advertising across a variety of newspaper media platforms.
    Once again, whether it’s the old media or the new media, in communities and cities across
    America ... we’re the one readers and viewers turn to ... yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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  2. Newspapers and newspaper web sites ... your newspaper and its web site are the ‘value
    collection’... a content combination of local news and advertising, interacting with the
    community in a timely and up to date manner, with a unique, trusted and well established
    brand that delivers simple, identifiable and measurable response and results day after day or
    week after week.
    Why? Simply put, newspapers, whether in print or online, have a distinct local audience that
    trusts them.
    Loyalty is print's strongest selling point. Your neighbors, friends, business associates and you
    seek it out, it draws you in and talks to you about things in your life, in a specific and intimate
    fashion. This is a choice your neighbors, friends, business associates and you make to spend
    dedicated, uninterrupted time focused on your newspaper and/or your newspaper web site
    It is all about the quality of the audience. Our newspaper web site visitors are loyal and
    interactive returning to their newspaper web site several times per day. Newspaper web site
    visitors continue spending more and more time on your newspaper web site rather than as
    eyeballs darting around the Internet! Our newspaper web site visitors also read their
    newspaper ... reinforcing our advertisers’ message and increasing awareness of local news
    and advertisers.
    Newspapers’ web sites, much like their print products, deliver original, high-quality content
    that continually attracts a highly educated audience, again, building a powerful and engaged
    audience. As we have noted in the past, year after year, study after study, the facts are in ...
    Advertisers know that newspaper advertising, both in print and online, works to motivate
    consumers to take action and that newspapers are the one that local community ‘influentials’
    and ‘shoppers’ turn to! Who typically has the largest Internet media footprint in a community and
    in the local marketplace? You do!! Your local newspaper web site!
    Newspapers, your newspaper, online and in print, best represent your community.
    Through a local environment of news and advertising, your newspaper and your newspaper web
    site create the marketplace for your community.
    Newspapers ... We’re Still the One! Does EVERYONE at your newspaper know? Do your
    friends, community associates, advertisers and potential advertisers know?
    Don’t let newspapers, your newspaper and its web site be the best kept secret in your
    community ... We’re Still the One!
    © Murray & Nau, Inc.
    Comments and questions are welcome and may be directed to Chuck via email:
    [email protected]. or at (425) 603 - 0984.

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