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Experimental pedagogy

Taeyoon Choi
May 09, 2016

Experimental pedagogy

Taeyoon Choi

May 09, 2016


  1. Black Mountain College, Lee Hall, Blue Ridge Campus, 1938. ©

    Courtesy of Western Regional Archives, States Archives of North Carolina
  2. Joseph Beuys lecture event. ‘Alternative Policies and the Work of

    the Free International University event at RDG, Edinburgh’,(1980).
  3. “As this society does not have a clear place for

    visual languages, I often sense a great need to legitimize our language by politicizing sound and the voice box, which are two tools I use to explore my position. This contributes to my practice of unlearning society’s views and etiquettes around sound.” - Christine Sun Kim
  4. “Assistance usually implies linearity. A problem that needs fixing, that

    seeks a solution. But adaptation is flexible, rhizomatic, multi-directional. It implies a technological design that works in tandem, reciprocally, with the magnificence that is the human body in all its forms. Adaptation implies change over time.” — Sara Hendren
  5. “If the goal of social justice is to ensure the

    dignity of each and every person, then buying into the largely capitalist-induced belief that work equates with self esteem or is a condition for membership of the human race — that people are labourers first and human beings second — only serves to oppress us all.” ! Capitalism and Disabity: MARTA RUSSELL AND RAVI MALHOTRA !