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The Amulet - Original Script

The Amulet - Original Script

Written in early 2018 before drawing up the storyboards of my UWM Senior Graduation Film finished in December 2018.

The Amulet: https://vimeo.com/isaiahmbrown/amulet
Storyboard Draft 1: https://speakerdeck.com/isaiahmbrown/the-amulet-storyboard-draft-1
Storyboard Draft 2 (Final): https://speakerdeck.com/isaiahmbrown/the-amulet-storyboard-draft-2-final

"The Amulet" was produced with the financial assistance of the ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation Educators Forum 2017 Scholarship.


Isaiah Malnory-Brown

February 18, 2018

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    dimly lit room, a maroon armchair rests in front of a wood cabinet displaying dusty, cracked artifacts. A bookshelf stands next to it holding books and more artifacts. A world map is faintly visible. Other artifacts rest on a nearby shelf: a fossil, stone figurine, wood carving, dagger, and turquoise ring. Sprawled out on a desk are various utensils and papers, a shell fossil, a coffee mug, a laptop, and an open journal with sketches and notations about a CRYSTAL amulet. The crystal lies close by on a piece of cloth. DISSOLVE TO: INT. - KITCHEN - DAY An elongated mask hangs on the wall next to various framed artifacts, diplomas, and dig site photos. The title: THE AMULET appears over one of the frames. Down the hall, a kitchen table and back door are accented by a fieldstone wall. COOPER, an old golden retriever, sleeps next to the table. CLAYTON, early 30s, enters through the door and clicks on the lights while closing it. He turns to see a few small items knocked off the kitchen table. CLAYTON Coop. Did you -- Clayton trails off as Cooper shifts his weight and exhales lazily. A CRASH is heard and the two quickly turn their heads. LUMO, a small light bulb headed creature, comes running into view holding the crystal. He stops and slowly looks up at Clayton. After examining one another Lumo quickly holds up the crystal. LUMO The crystal. He dashes for the dog door and jumps through as Cooper lets out a raspy BARK. (CONTINUED)
  2. CONTINUED: 2. Clayton furrows his brow looking at the door.

    CLAYTON What? He chases after Lumo and exits the house. CUT TO: EXT. - BACKYARD - DAY Clayton closes the door behind him while scanning his cactus garden. CLAYTON Stop. Come back. He spots Lumo behind a cactus. Lumo jumps out from behind it and holds up the crystal. LUMO Come and get it. The crystal flashes and Clayton runs after him. CUT TO: EXT. - RAINFOREST - DAY Clayton and Lumo slow to a stop as the cactus garden morphs into a rainforest. Clayton looks at the new environment and floating FOREST SPIRITS. CLAYTON Remarkable. Clayton tries to touch one of the spirits, but his hand goes through it. He examines his hand. Lumo stares up at Clayton with a smile. LUMO They like you. But it’s time to go. Lumo jumps into the air while pointing the crystal to the sky. The crystal flashes and he grips it close, suspended in the air. Clayton looks past him as a tsunami rushes towards them. CLAYTON What in the w -- It crashes down and Lumo loses the crystal in the tide. (CONTINUED)

    fades into view as the water settles. He turns his head to see a vast expanse of underwater canyons populated with sea life. An exotic WHALE covered in aquatic foliage is in the background. The crystal floats in front of Clayton and he grabs it. Lumo fades into view swimming towards Clayton. LUMO No. Give it back. Clayton turns but before he can react, a FISH KING with hairy human legs wearing a loincloth appears. FISH KING Blurdle-lurde-lurdel. Clayton and Lumo stare for at him for a moment. FISH KING Blurrrrda durrrrrdel. The fish king sends a FISH BATTALION charging towards them. Clayton lets go of the crystal as the fish attack. FISH BATTALION Glub, glub, glub, glub, glub. An electric PUFFER FISH swallows the crystal. The puffer fish inflates, the crystal flashes, and the puffer fish morphs into a sun. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. - DESERT - DAY The crystal shoots out of the sun and lands between Clayton and Lumo in the newly formed desert setting. JELLYFISH BIRDS fly overhead. Clayton and Lumo move towards the crystal, but Lumo summons a SPIRIT ANIMAL to block Clayton’s path. The spirit animal sends Clayton into a trance as its eyes change color and its spots undulate. (CONTINUED)
  4. CONTINUED: 4. SPIRIT ANIMAL Mmmm. While Clayton is distracted, Lumo

    darts for the crystal. LUMO Yes, yes, come to me my sweet. Clayton runs through the spirit animal. CLAYTON I don’t have time for this. Clayton and Lumo both dive for the crystal and grab hold. It jumps out of their hands with a burst of light and absorbs everything in sight. The crystal falls, disappearing into the remaining black void. DISSOLVE TO: INT. - CAVE - DAY The crystal falls from the darkness and lands on the floor of a cave temple. Clayton and Lumo materialize from two cave pillars. Lumo sits up and looks at Clayton. LUMO We’re here. CLAYTON What’s going on? Where’s here? Lumo grabs hold of the crystal and lifts it off the ground. LUMO This is my way home. CLAYTON Not with my amulet. LUMO I need your help. CLAYTON Why? Lumo gestures upwards with the crystal. (CONTINUED)
  5. CONTINUED: 5. LUMO Just lift me up. Help me --

    CLAYTON Listen, you fluorescent teletubbie -- LUMO I am purebred incandescent. CLAYTON Cute. Lumo bends his knees and hangs his head back. LUMO Help me and you’ll get the crystal back. Clayton shrugs his shoulders then cups his hands in front of Lumo. He hops on, Clayton lifts him up, and they stare at one another for a moment. Lumo points the crystal off screen and Clayton walks in that direction. They reach a cave wall with two glowing markings. One is a hole the size of the crystal, and the other is the shape of a human right hand. Lumo’s eyes widen as he lets in a sharp INHALE. Lumo inserts the crystal as Clayton places his right hand on the wall. Beams of light burst from the cracks in the wall and ribbons of light slowly flow out. Lumo floats up, smiling as the ribbons of light flow around him. Clayton watches with his mouth agape. LUMO Ooooh yeahhh. Lumo glows brighter until the cave is blanketed with light. LUMO (CONT’D) Ahhh -- Lumo POOFS away. Glowing particles slowly drift down into Clayton’s hand as he watches, wide eyed. He gently closes his hand on the particles, reaches for the crystal in the wall, and it flashes. CUT TO:
  6. 6. INT. - KITCHEN - DAY Clayton appears in his

    kitchen. Cooper is startled by the flash, BARKS, and looks up at Clayton. Clayton stumbles trying to balance himself and places a hand on the table. He lowers himself to the ground and sits. Resting against a wall, Clayton lets out a deep sigh while petting Cooper. He holds up the crystal to look at it. After a moment of staring, he laughs uncontrollably. FADE OUT: