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Inventing Friends: Actioncable + AVS = <3

Inventing Friends: Actioncable + AVS = <3

Chatbots, ActionCable, A.I., Dialogue Systems and Natural Language Processing. We promise all this and more to those who attend this buzzword-packed session.

We’ll learn how to create a simple chatroom in Rails using ActionCable, then show you how to use the Amazon Voice Service to send messages to your colleagues without the need for tedious typing.

Using the power of ActionCable and Natural Language Processing we will construct an MMMOC (Massively Multiplayer Online Chatroom) that you can use TODAY to see your Travis build status, deploy code to your favorite PAAS, learn about new Rails releases and otherwise automate your entire life.

If you feel like team communication is important but feel bogged down with time-consuming details like “typing letters” and “hitting enter” this talk is for you! Come learn to speak robot with us, you’ll be glad you did.

Jonan Scheffler

April 25, 2017

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