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Move Fast, Make Things

Move Fast, Make Things

How can we overcome the resistance to change that our big applications, big teams, and big businesses present us? We make smaller things, use high-leverage tools, and prefer versatile tools.


Adam Keys

March 01, 2013

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  1. Move fast, make things Adam Keys http://therealadam.com @therealadam March 2013

  2. Time

  3. Time Broken by design

  4. Time We need to do more with what we have

  5. Time We need to work smarter

  6. Move fast

  7. Move fast Ship more code, product, docs, etc.

  8. Move fast Reduce big challenges to shippable projects

  9. Move fast Don’t do the wrong things

  10. Make things

  11. Make things Discover and solve risks

  12. Make things Add features, kill bugs

  13. Make things Eliminate bottlenecks, facilitate change

  14. Big things are the enemy

  15. Big things Have wants and needs

  16. Big things Beget other big things

  17. Big things Resist change

  18. Small things are our friends

  19. Small things Don’t overwhelm us

  20. Small things Are loosely held

  21. Small things Adapt or disappear

  22. Resist large software

  23. Resist large software Divide and conquer

  24. Resist large software Avoid large tools

  25. Resist large software Manage your dependencies

  26. Spikes guide us

  27. Spikes Help us build the right software

  28. Spikes Keep us out of the weeds

  29. Spikes Reduce uncertainty and light the way

  30. Leverage keeps thing small

  31. Leverage Is about maximizing the cost/benefit ratio

  32. Leverage Means avoiding selfish tools

  33. Leverage Tells us when to look for a better solution

  34. Versatility lets us grow over time

  35. Versatility Makes starting small easy

  36. Versatility Means we can add structure as we discover it

  37. Versatility Means one tool to start, grow, and sustain

  38. Use high leverage tools Use versatile tools Use spikes as

    a guide Resist large software Solve the right problems Work smarter
  39. Move fast Make things Sustain

  40. EOF