Paolo was born in 1976 in Milan, Italy. Since he was 5, he started disassembling toys trying to understand their internals... it was very rare he was able to put the pieces back in their place. So his infancy was full of broken toys... but at least he discovered what's inside a little car moving by itself.

Let's call this Paolo's life phase: 'Breaking the law'

When he discovered computers, Paolo learnt also to repair software he broke. He started patching buffer overflows, format bugs and other crappy C programs. It was 1996, he discovered Linux, the networking and the kernel land. It was the time Pink Floyd were in loop in Paolo's walkman.

Let's call this Paolo's life phase: 'So your instruction pointer is full of 0x41?'

Nowadays Paolo's interest in reviewing and fixing broken code turn him in an application security specialist. He is involved in Owasp as Project Leader of Owasp Orizon (a code review engine) and Owasp ESAPI for Ruby porting. He is also in the Owasp Italian chapter board. It's the time that Pearl Jam and old school metal music fill Paolo's mp3 player, he is an husband, a proud father, a guitarist and he is close from being black belt Taekwon-do ITF martial artists.

Let's call this Paolo's life phase: 'Stay hungry, stay foolish'


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