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My favorite shirt of all time is the 1996 Leeds united Top man shirt: http://jerseyalphago.com/943-Buy-Replica-Soccer-Jerseys-Where-To-Buy-Cheap-Authentic-Soccer-Jerseys-S-XL-1819-goalkeeper-shorts-Barceloma.html, the one that vinnie jones famously wore. 💜 love the blogs Ellis.Daaayum, I don't watch football, but once I heard about this, I definitely was on board to watch this 🔥 They still got it! They "dropped it like it's hot" 😅.England 1996 away 👌 colour, centralised badge, Gaza, That tournament, that song. The whole package and memories make this shirt for me.As a Dutchman it's easy to say the Euro's 88 home shirt is the best ever made. But to be fair the 1997-99 Manchester City home shirt (long sleeves of course) comes close. The same goes for the every Internazionale shirt from the 90's.


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